BREAKING: South Korea Talks Of A Pre-Emptive Strike On North Korea’s Nukes!!!

The tension is rising in Asia, with worrying signs that conflict could break out at any point.

In the Koreas, fallout over a prospective North Korean nuclear test has South Korean troops on the border receiving orders to return fire immediately against DPRK forces.

In South Korean press, there’s worrying, though non-conclusive, talk of a “pre-emptive” strike.

According to the Hankyoreh, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Jung Seung-jo was called to report to the National Assembly’s Defense Committee on February 6 over the risks posed by North Korean nukes.

He told the committee that the South Korean military would risk war with North Korea with a pre-emptive attack if “signs of an imminent nuclear weapon launch against the South were detected”, the Hankyoreh writes.

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