BREAKING: SpaceX Rocket , on way to ISS, Suffers Set Back – Thrusters Not Working.

SpaceX scrambling to regain full control of Falcon 9 after launch proves shaky

Unmanned craft developed a problem with its thrusters soon after ‘flawless’ lift-off at Cape Canaveral


SpaceX releases statement on Dragon problems

Live mission statements here:



Planned SpaceX Dragon docking at International Space Station Saturday postponed; NASA news briefing scheduled for 3 pm –

Team has recovered all quads, Pressure in tanks is what was causing issue all tanks are at nnoninal pressure

Quads 2 & 3 thursters not operationg right now but will be testing to make sure all is well. 1 & 4 up and running

3 or 4 quads need to operate around ISS looks like 4 quads are up now. Will look at check valves & make sure operating



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