BREAKING: Strong PC1 Pulsations on HAARP Magnetometer Triggers Seven Significant Quakes! Forecasted Here – More May Come!

Usually a precursor to a strong quake. Stay tuned.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 20:15:43 UTC
Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 04:15:43 PM at epicenter

28.168°S, 70.804°W

47.5 km (29.5 miles)

44 km (27 miles) N of Vallenar, Chile
100 km (62 miles) SSW of Copiapo, Chile
197 km (122 miles) NNE of La Serena, Chile
204 km (126 miles) NNE of Coquimbo, Chile

Very strong moderately dangerous earthquake in Northern Chile

Update 20:55 UTC : People in Santiago felt a gentle shaking, but you have to consider that Santiago is approx. 600 km from the epicenter.

Update 20:51 UTC : The government is calling for calm, radio Bio Bio is saying there was mass hysteria in Vallenar.

Update 20:50 UTC : Electricity went down on some parts of Copiapo.

The earthquake was strong and long.

On Vallenar there are reports of a lot of windows broken, cracks and collapsed walls.

A lot of panic in there, people crying on the streets.

Update 20:43 UTC : In a local TV studio a windows rattle and a big one broke , but didn’t made injuries.

There are problems with communications with mobile phones.

In the third region of Chile there are reports of collapsed walls.

Electricity went down on some parts of Copiapo.

This looks like a grim earthquake, worse than other intermediate depth earthquakes.

3.8 Dominican Republic on the Carib-Plate Subduction Fault.

If this cuts loose its bye-bye Florida.

6.9 Japan

Strong earthquake felt in northern Honshu and Hokkaido, Japan