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These images are taken from NASA’s stereo science center, cor2 behind satellite for the dates of 20121223 to 20121224; they are posted in chronological order, so you can see the movement for yourself. You can also check the sideshow feature on the image search for your “viewing pleasure”…B.jpg…jpg…jpg…jpg…jpg…jpg…jpg…jpg…jpg…jpg…jpg…jpg…jpg

This shows some of the planets and the sun in the same orientation as Cor2 from a November cme. As it is now late December, we are nearer the 24 and 23 mark on the elliptic plane; right smack dab in the path of this thing.

Interestingly enough, the footage of when this object was closest to the sun was PURGED from NASA’s database; theres about 14 hours of MISSING FOOTAGE, and when the cams went back online, THIS WAS THERE.
Keep your eyes in the sky good folks, something big cometh this way…

Here’s a new link to the stereo image and slide show viewer; the one in my op oddly doesn’t work


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