BREAKING: Syria conference Just ended…. No Deal! Assad to Stay in Power! He declared war on SYRIA! HIS OWN COUNTRY!

We haven’t reached agreement in advance with Russia and China — that remains very difficult. I don’t know if it will be possible to do so. In the interest of saving thousands of lives of our international responsibilities, we will try to do so,” Hague told reporters. “It’s been always been our view, of course, that a stable future for Syria, a real political process, means Assad leaving power.”

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton insisted that Assad would still have to go, saying “it is now “incumbent on Russia and China to show Assad the writing on the wall.”

14000 dead…

Syria, verging on a full-blown civil war, has endured a particularly bloody week, with up to 125 people reported killed nationwide on Thursday alone.

International tensions also heightened last week after Syria shot down a Turkish warplane, leading to Turkey setting up anti-aircraft guns on its border with its neighbor.

less than 50 percent translate…

Annan called for a transitional government in Syria

In Syria, should be formed transitional government composed of both the opposition and members of the government of Bashar al-Assad . This Saturday, June 30, said the special envoy of the UNKofi Annan , summing up took place in Geneva an international conference on Syria, according to Agence France-Presse .

Formation of a transitional government, which, according to Annan, will be given broad powers to engage citizens in Syria. At the same time the UN special envoy stressed that the government will be elected by “people whose hands are in blood.” This formulation, says Reuters , suggests that the government will neither President Assad or other prominent figures of his regime.

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After the transitional government is formed, he will hold a series of constitutional and political reforms, and in the future and decide the fate of Bashar Assad, said Annan.

To form a transitional government and to get the first results of its work UN envoy hopes for the year.

Syrian government declares war on… Syria, says Assad

Syria’s ruthless dictator, Bashar al-Assad, actually declared that he and his military leaders were at war with their own country in a statement made to a Syrian government-run news agency on Thursday.

The Ba’ath Party despot ordered his government military, intelligence and police agencies to do whatever is necessary to achieve total victory, an Israeli source monitoring the uprising told the Government Examiner.

The Syrian rebels have reached the outskirts of Damascus, the nation’s capital, and there were sounds of heavy fighting — explosions and loud gunfire — in the city’s suburbs, according to SANA.


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