Breaking Syria- Russia says neither side will win Syrian civil war

President Bashar al-Assad’s military has fired more Scud-type missiles inside Syria, Nato officials said on Friday, more than a week after the Western alliance first detected such arms being used on rebel targets.…/Assad-forces-launch-more-Scud-type-missiles-on-Syrias-rebels.html

Al Qaeda FSA Carries Out Another Chemical Experiment on Drinking Water


Lavrov: Russia won’t try to persuade Syria’s Assad to quit

The West’s policy of dividing Syrian terrorists into “the bad” and “the not so bad” is dangerous, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday.

Moscow Blasts West’s ‘Syria Terrorism Logic’

A CAMERAMAN for Syrian state television has been gunned down outside his home in Damascus, the broadcaster says, blaming the attack on “terrorists”

Even before his death, at least 17 paid journalists and 44 citizen journalists had been killed in violence in Syria since the uprising.

Gunmen kill Syria state TV cameraman

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Australian security agencies believe more than 100 Australians have joined the civil war in Syria, sparking fears the conflict could produce a wave of home-grown jihadists hardened with combat skills and training.

A group of Swedish Islamists calling themselves Mujahedeen Fi Ash Sham (”Holy Warriors in the Levant”) had published a Swedish-language video statement calling for a ”jihad” against the Assad regime, and encouraging Swedish Muslims to join them in Syria.


‘Syria has a very dangerous stockpile of chemical weapons’ – US Congressman

Syria conflict: West prepares for post-Assad uncertainty

MPs write to William Hague over UK military action in Syria
Tunisian Ex Jihadist Tells Tunisian TV Why he Stopped Fighting Alongside the FSA in Syria


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