BREAKING: Syrian Army & Hezbollah Capture Homs – Leading Way to Aleppo and a Decisive Assad Victory. 123 Dead in Latest Massacre

Three months after winning the strategic town of Al Qusayr, the combined Syrian and Hezbollah armies have captured the historic Muslim Brotherhood city of Homs, 162 kilometers northeast of the capital Damascus.

Military and intelligence sources report that Sunday, July 28, jeeps with recoilless guns, pick-up trucks with anti air guns – all loaded with defeated rebel Farouq Brigades fighters were to be seen fleeing the city.

As they fled, Syrian and Hezbollah army tanks facing no resistance rolled into the center of Homs, the old city and the Khladiyeh district and hoisted images of President Bashar Assad.

The fall of Homs, which the rebels designated from the start of the uprising “capital of the revolution,” opens the way for Syrian-Hezbollah forces to move north on Aleppo, Syria’s largest city.

Aleppo’s capture would grant Assad a decisive victory in the civil war and confer on the Lebanese Shiite terrorist Hezbollah for the first time the standing of an armed force with strategic capabilities, as well as giving the Iran-Syrian-Hezbollah alliance a major boost.—opening-way-to-Aleppo-and-decisive-Assad-victory

Syria – Aleppo : Media source: 123 martyrs in Khan al Assal massacre

Incredible pic by @AFPphoto of Syrian army in Khalidiyah neighborhood #Homs. Fully destroyed

Syria army ‘retakes key Homs rebel district’

The Syrian army has recaptured the key rebel district of Khaldiyeh in the central city of Homs, the state broadcaster has reported.