BREAKING: Syrian Gov Said to Shell Damascus in New Gas Attack!

Another false flag? Waiting for confirmation….

Here is the headline @BloombergNews just deleted from their website. I love caches. #Qabun #Damascus #Syria #CW


Actually it is surprising: the odds were today’s false flag would take place in Iran to get the Israel card in play. Apparently nobody was dumb enough to assume the government would go with two false flags in a row in the same place. And now bring on the 1000 YouTube clips of “undisputed proof.”

Syria said to use gas against Qabun neighborhood

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Syrian forces have used gas against the Qabun neighborhood of Damascus, Al-Arabiya is reporting citing activists, according to a Bloomberg News report of what the station said.

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BREAKING: URGENT: Assad Regime is shelling Qaboun district with Chemical Bombs RIGHT NOW. PLEASE RT! #Syria #Damascus

Syrian government forces shell Qabun, Damascus with gas

Bloomberg headline, citing Al-Arabiya.

If true, that would be one of the stupidest military moves of all time. USD/JPY down about 10 pips on the headline.

Some are pointing out that Al-Arabiya is Saudi owned and that the Saudis are no friends of Assad.

al-Arabiya Reporting Syrian Gov’t Forces Shell Qabun, Damascus with Gas

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It makes ZERO sense for Assad to use chemical weapon unless he WANTS the US to attack