Syrian Warplanes and Artillery pound Aleppo! Israeli officials ready for possible attack!!

Rebel commander says shelling of Salaheddin district in country’s largest city is “the most violent” since July 20.…html

The growing involvement of al-Qaida operatives is evident in fighting against Assad forces, some of whom are fully cooperating with the rebels’ Free Syrian Army.

Forty-eight Iranian pilgrims were kidnapped from a bus in the Syrian capital, the Iranian embassy consular chief in Damascus told Iran’s state television.

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Syria has reached an agreement to send its crude oil to Russia in return for shipments of refined oil products, Syria’s deputy prime minister for economic affairs said Friday.

For the people of Aleppo, their only hope is Syria’s security forces restoring order. In the pockets of Syria’s largest city the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) has dug into, a campaign of systematic detention, torture, and mass murder has been carried out against “enemies of the revolution.” Demonized as either “Shabiha” or “government supporters,” men have been rounded up, lined up against walls, and gunned down en mass.


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