BREAKING: Uncovered Muslim Brotherhood Documents Could Put Obama In Prison


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  • hvaiallverden

    The MB is simply putt controlle oposition, how many time do one have to repeat it.

    They are just a partner, alowed to grow and gett influence onver time, and as I have sayed before, they oprate at timescales WE dont think of, and plans acordingly and they are implemente over decades, not f… weeks, and remeber, nothing, happens without a cause, or is caused by one, the butterfly effect.
    They are as Hamas/Fatha, and the Ottomanical Erdogan, and his alies in Jordan and the criminaly insane Land of the Khazarian/Turk origin in their private looting bin, or more correctly putt, the kingdom of the House of Saudi, with its tentacles into other realms as the sick f….. running Quatar, Bahrain and so on.
    They have been raised and breeded along with the zionist prodject at the beginning of the present century, the end of the 1800, in central europa.
    Capice, do you see the trail, or are people blinded by their everyday life.

    This latest atemt to rise the Cause of propaganda against Egyptians, in general since they are often protrayed as fundamental muslims, and I find anyone doinf this kind of atrocetys as Payed Porvos, or in no terms to be a “propular” movment, because the majorety of the Muslims arent a menber of or suport the MB at all, remeber the biggest demonstration that have ocured so far in our human histroy aprered in Egypt, over 20 million people mached, that Hasbaratnjiks and “freinds of Israel” and so on, EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW, period.
    This is a part of the War of perseptions, of Cut and Paist reality, forced upon us, to make people belive Anything they see.
    This is a part of HATE propaganda against 1.6 bill people, the Islamic world.