BREAKING: US Troops prep to attack Aleppo!! Israeli Army goes on Alert for Syrian Invasion – US gives Green Light!


Sources: Israeli preparedness on the borders with Syria and Lebanon

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Israeli army put its forces in the “alert” in the north of the Jewish state, along the border with Syria and Lebanon, according to Israeli sources confirmed Saturday, amid rising tensions witnessed in the region, following the government’s announcement of Syrian been a military research centers, near Damascus, an aerial bombardment by Israeli warplanes Wednesday.

The Israeli radio reported that the Northern Command conducts assessments of the situation on the border with Syria and Lebanon, and pointed out that it has not yet made any special instructions for the residents of border areas.

The Hebrew radio quoted security sources as saying that the army “may be forced” to respond to any attempt to transfer weapons from Syria to “Hezbollah” in Lebanon, would “constitute a violation of the balance of power in the region.”

As reported Radio “Voice of Israel” on its website, that “the IDF and the security services put on alert, in the light of regional tension resulting from what deployment on a raid fighter air force in Syria, and the subsequent threats issued by Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah Hezbollah in Lebanon. ”

He reported that a battery was erected ” Patriot “third system” Iron Dome “, in the region of the” Marj pointing out that there are growing fears of” the likelihood of the hostile parties, to do retaliatory attacks against Israeli targets abroad. ”

Furthermore, according to Lebanese security sources that Israeli aircraft carried out several ” mock raids “Throughout last night, in the atmosphere of southern Lebanon, also increased the frequency of movements mechanisms and military elements in the border areas opposite the Blue Line.

US “green light” for further Israel strikes on Syria says @TIME. Claims “other targets” not reported also struck Tue!

Israel is said to be considering further attacks in Syria and Lebanon following the air strikes on a weapons convoy this week, and on Friday claimed “the entire axis of evil is coming apart”.

Officials said that the risks of military action to prevent Hizbollah getting sophisticated weapons outweighed the threats of a response from either Syria or Iran.

Turkey will not tolerate and silently watch Israeli attacks on any Muslim country, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Saturday, Zaman newspaper reported.

Minister criticized the inaction of Syrian authorities in connection with Israeli attacks on the country’s territory.

“The Syrian regime that bombs and fires upon its civilians over the period of 22 months, for some reason does not respond to an Israeli attack on Syria.

Maybe, there is some secret agreement between Israel and the Assad regime?” Davutoglu said.

The minister said that President Assad is using Israeli attack to present himself as “a victim” and receive help from Muslim countries.

Obama ‘Green-Lit’ Israeli Attack on Syria

White House: Ankara Suicide Bombing a Terror Attack

“A suicide bombing on the perimeter of an embassy is by definition an act of terror,” says White House spokesman Jay Carney.

Iran threatens ‘grave consequences’ for Israel after Syria strike

Damascus says attacks will not go unanswered, as Tehran joins Russia and Arab world in condemning reported Israeli attack on weapons convoy or research site

Israel’s strike on Syria also hit biological weapons facility, says report

US ready to carry out raids in Aleppo, according to TIME, if it sees danger of WMD falling into rebel hands




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  • propel7

    Get ready to be destroyed muslim trash. Ezekiel 38 is ready to come crashing down around your foul stench. Not much will be left of Israel but a remnant. But you will be less than that.

    • kip lip

      The trash who destroyed us are ZIONIST. When muslims control all of the power- like media, govt and Wall st- then feed us your garbage. Greenspan, Geithner, Rubin, Paulson, Bernanke, Milken, Soros, Eisner, Redstone, Zucker, Chertoff, Zackheim…. not a muzzie among them you stupid fool

  • shropster

    And so it begins…I’m on needles and pins. I’m going to hole up, see you after the Fall.

  • Thomas Jefferson

    WHY,is americas military off in foreign countries wasting our money on wars that are none of our business,killing the guys in the military,and no one knows why,OUR money is about ready to crash in value,yet billions are being wasted,homes all over america are being forclosed on,welfare is at an all time high,cause all the jobs were shipped over seas,the police gangs are attacking the citizans like were the enemy,WHAT IS AMERICA THINKING ABOUT? ARE THE PEOPLE SO DUMBED DOWN AMERICA LOVES WAR SO MUCH THEY DON’T CARE IF THEIR CHILDREN SPEND THE REST OF THERE LIVES IN SLAVERY TO BANKERS IN ENGLAND?BRING THE MILITARY HOME NOW……..YOUR BROKE……

    • shropster

      It all started with the Balfour Agreement that gave Palestine to the Rothschilds for their guantee that the USA would join the UK in fighting the Germans in WWI.

    • Marshall Taylor


    • sayan sarai

      Who cares if the goyim end up as slaves? They dont matter. “They were created to serve jews” as Israels top nazi-rebbe declares. So they are fighting and dying and paying for the foreign country that has infiltrated us and destroyed us, aided and abetted by our fellow-citizen sayanim. Its all in the ‘Bible’ and is G-ds will.

  • Perdo

    Slavery to Bankers and the NWO is a Muslim/Masonic conspiracy to divide westerndom into seperate camps of christians on one side, and atheists on the other – prior to conquering us. Lets’ hold each other firm and have 0 divisions fellow brothers and sisters in the west – every ‘thing’ under the earth is about to jump up onto the table and bare itself for what it is!

    • Perdo

      sorry, I meant Dupe, not conspiracy, the Muslim/Masonic plotters don’t want the atheists to know what is really going on, instead of bonding with christians to defend westerndom the atheists will be off in the woods chasing fantasy demons.

      • ixnay

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  • Bruce Hood

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    alu akbar

  • Mrt Baggins

    At least american girls can die in these idiotic wars now, am I right?

  • Marschall Clark

    These people must of been chipped when they were born. the falsehoods and lies and view of reality of most of the countries is completely insane and they should all be put in a mental instution instead of allowing to walk around in their state of delusions

  • Kit Holz

    The US murder gang! Shame on the American population who let this happen.

    • dillon

      if we had the power to stop it im sure it would be done. The american citizens only have the illusion that they control what goverment does. in reality they do whatever the fuck they want and nobody can do shit about it,

  • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

    Forty years ago I wrote a Book titled “La Tercera Guerra Mudnial”. On page 212 of that book I wrote that WWIII would start with the Israeli attack on Syria via Damascus.

  • As Foretold

    Thomas Jefferson, I suggest you read a bible, this is prophecy being fulfilled as foretold before the bible was written. I am not here to argue or debate the matter it is fact. Our opinions and ideas do not matter in the eyes of prophecy it will be fulfilled. Additionally, Jesus was a JEW!!! In light of the profound reality unfolding before our eyes, that was spoken of all those years ago, the focus should be on whether or not the son of God is being respect and feared in your life as the good book says. If this makes you angry know the bible speaks of that also. Personally, I have peace because i have read the end of the book and I know how the story ends.

  • dillon

    i Say nuke the whole area and problem solved