BREXIT VOTE RIGGING’S STARTED: Foreigners being sent voting cards

Fears over Brexit vote integrity as EU citizens ‘sent polling cards’ for referendum

CALLS were growing tonight for an urgent inquiry into the integrity of the EU referendum amid claims that European citizens are being sent polling cards despite being ineligible to vote.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage said reports that people with no British citizenship are apparently on the register to take part in the historic Brexit vote “need looking at” immediately … one journalist revealed he knows of “Germans and Poles” who have also received their polling cards in the post and asked on Twitter if anyone else had heard of any instances. One person then replied: “This happened to a Swedish friend of mine who had a German passport. They were on the electoral roll and voted.” …

This follows on from councils sending out polling cards showing a pen ticking the Remain box…



“… Can European citizens vote?

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Citizens from other European countries – apart from Ireland, Malta and Cyprus – will not get a vote on whether the UK remains part of the EU.

(Malta and Cyprus are both Commonwealth countries.)…”

Brexit: The 16 areas at risk of VOTE RIGGING ahead of local elections and EU referendum

Forces up and down the country are launching major crackdowns on electoral fraud amid concerns dubious and even illegal practices relating to postal ballots and block voting could swing the historic result. The Electoral Commission has pinpointed 16 local authority areas with large ethnic minority populations which it believes are the most at risk of suffering from widespread fraud…



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