BRICS Development Bank to Compete with the World Bank

The idea of starting a bank was first mooted by BRICS countries during the New Delhi summit. The bank will cater to the infrastructural needs of the members of the group which accounts for 43% of the world’s population.28 Mar 2013, 12:27PM IST


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  • hvaiallverden

    I like this, and are fully agreeing in the perspectives, but make it transparent and above all, long term and with litle or very low Intress/Costs in running and in this Internett times, acesable eveywhere.

    For Africa, the Future begins, all investment in infrasructure and health, will be payed back. Infact eveything is possible, and even time is on the African side, and the continent is f…. hughe.

    I like this, no doubth and hopes we will have a better ballanced world, and I also think, right now, when the scams are unraveling, and people start to learn about What the f…. actualy happened, this Austeretys and Bailouts, hailed by the same druling f…. caled experts and media as Nirvana.

    And as nature is, diversifying and multitutts of possebilitys and prospects, is a natural state in nature, and so should the finnascial and economic world be, I dont belive in sentral banking, its to easy to manipulate and or highjack politicaly, and this actions have consequensess.

    And we all see them right infront of our eyes.

    The only thing required, is to open them.

    Thats why, this time, build up eveything, on the basiss of sustaiability and quality. And we all will prosper, not only the BRICSA but We The people to.

    But thats propbably, the core of this days events, when Sentral banks are f…. up things in warp drive.

    And above all this, and this is to the americans, right now, as we speek, you entire income of the state and with borrowed money, and all this in the range of 50% or more on the Military ind. complex, and 15% in just paying Intress, and then to all of you caluclatore wankers, with and anuale inflation rate and increasing borrowings(adittionale intress on topp of the 15% from before, this happens a.w.s.).

    And all this leads us to a figgure of aprox. 20-30 % to the rest, aka eveything else incl, infrast. and health.
    Tell me, then, how long is the prison camp, the New Palestina, formerly know as the USA, going to be able to runn, with this costs.


    3 years, or do they as before, start a war.
    A world war, preferable, its bigger and bloodier, and more profitable than a minor conflict, this time, its western hegmony.
    Its going to be a bumby ride, down to the bottom of the pitt.

    wake the f… up.