Britain Is Bleeding: Violent Crime Rises In England Despite Gun Control

Britain is not so great anymore. Criminals will find a way. Take away guns they’ll use a knife, take away knives they’ll use a baseball bat or a 2 x 4 and so on.

According to the Evening Standard, the city of London has seen a 47 percent rise in knife crimes, including “214 killings, 391 attempted murders, 438 rapes, 182 other sexual assaults, and 14,429 robberies. There were also more than 18,500 assaults involving an injury or intent to inflict harm with a blade and 2,816 threats to kill with a knife.”

According to The Telegraph, latest figures confirm London is more dangerous than New York, noting New York and London have similar populations (about 8 million), but in London burglary is six times more likely, rape is three times more likely, and the risk of being robbed is 50 percent higher.

Too bad the left just simply cannot understand and learn


It’s not at all surprising that at least 28% of Democrats consider themselves to be atheists. Fascinating…

This has to be embarrassing . . . if you’re an atheist. A new study performed at the University of York used targeted magnetism to shut down part of the brain. The result: belief in God disappeared among more than 30 percent of participants.

That in itself may not seem so embarrassing, but consider that the specific part of the brain they frazzled was the posterior medial frontal cortex—the part associated with detecting and solving problems, i.e., reasoning and logic.

In other words, when you shut down the part of the brain most associated with logic and reasoning, greater levels of atheism result.

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London now more dangerous than New York City, crime stats suggest

Yep. Disarmed populace, import rapey jihadi Muslim terrorist and you have a formula for disaster.


Oh and a Muslim mayor who says to ‘get used to terrorism’ who then lies and says ‘London is safest city in the world.”

UK Crime surge makes London ‘even more dangerous than NEW YORK’

According to the statistics London has almost three times
the number of reported rapes than New York City.

Figures released earlier this week uncovered the crisis facing British police forces
as crime rates across the country surged by 13 per cent.

The last decade has seen London’s Metropolitan Police move away from neighbourhood patrols
which criminal justice experts have blamed for the rise in crime.

The damning figures come amid increased pressure on the capital’s police force
to save £400 million before 2020,
with the number of officers expected to fall below 30,000 for the first time in more than a decade.




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