‘BUTLER’ Director: America More Racist Since Obama Became President… ‘People Showing Their True Colors’

‘BUTLER’ Director: America More Racist Since Obama Became President


‘People showing their true colors’

Lee Daniels, director and producer of the new film “The Butler,” lashed out on Monday’s Piers Morgan Live at Americans who are “angry that [Obama] is president” and who are “showing their true colors.”

Host Piers Morgan teed him up, asking if “America is a more or less racist country since Barack Obama became president?” Daniels responded that “sadly I think so.” Actor Lenny Kravitz had a more positive analysis but supported Daniels’ assertion about many Americans. [Video below the break. Audio here.]

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/matt-hadro/2013/08/20/butler-director-people-are-angry-obama-president-showing-their-true-colo#ixzz2cYUj67fa


CLAIM: Film Distorts Race Relations

Next year, this nation will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. That occasion will rightly give rise to many reflections about how far this nation has come and where it will go in the future.

One early entrant into this dialogue is The Butlera new film by Lee Daniels. In the movie, Forest Whitaker plays the fictional butler Cecil Gaines, who worked for seven presidential administrations from Eisenhower to Reagan. The movie was inspired by the life of Eugene Allen, who did in fact serve in the White House between 1952 and 1986 under eight presidents from Harry Truman to Ronald Reagan. Days after Barack Obama was elected president, an affectionate account of Allen’s service was written up by Wil Haygood in the Washington Post. But Allen’s story stands in stark contrast to the fictional Cecil Gaines’.

A Tale of Two Butlers

Born in 1919, Eugene Allen grew up in segregated Virginia, and slowly worked his way up the butler profession, largely without incident. Unlike the fictional Cecil Gaines, he did not watch the boss rape his mother on a Georgia farm, only to shoot a bullet through his father’s head as he starts to protest the incident, leading Cecil years later to escape his past for a better future.

Instead, over a period of years, Allen rose from a “pantry man” to the highest position in White House service, Maître d’hôtel. His life was marked by quiet distinction and personal happiness. He was married to the same woman, Helene, for 65 years. He had one son, Charles, who served in Vietnam. During the Reagan years, Nancy Reagan invited Allen and his wife to a state dinner as guests. When he retired shortly afterwards, “President Reagan wrote him a sweet note. Nancy Reagan hugged him, tight,” according to the story in the Washington Post. During service, he never said a word of criticism about any president. Nor was his resignation an act of political protest.



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  • Paul Andrew Mitchell

    When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Dred Scott v. Sandford that it had no authority to amend the Constitution, that ruling was and still is correct. The U.S. Constitution can only be amended pursuant to the provisions of Article V. Moreover, the Congress is bound by standing decisions of the high Court. In that case, it held that removing apartheid from the Law required a proper constitutional amendment. Nevertheless, Congress attempted to circumvent that holding when it enacted the 1866 Civil Rights Act, effectively creating a second class of “federal citizens” a/k/a “citizens of the United States” (small “c”). The term “United States” in that second class could NOT refer to the several States of the Union without violating the Supreme Court’s holding; therefore, “United States” there must refer to Congress when it is legislating in its capacity as the local Legislature for D.C., Federal Territories and Possessions, and all other enclaves like military bases. Bottom line: Congress raped blacks freed by the Thirteenth Amendment, when it failed to propose the correct amendment, and maneuvered blacks into accepting the status of D.C “subjects” i.e. subject to the MUNICIPAL jurisdiction of the Federal government. The Correct Amendment reads: “The status of Citizen of one of the United States of America shall not be denied or abridged by the United States, or by any State, on account of race. The so-called Fourteenth Amendment is hereby repealed with prejudice.” You can thank the Radical Republicans like Thaddeus Stevens for creating immense confusion and duplicity throughout Federal laws, right up to the present.

  • Vox

    A young black child axes his momma: “Momma watz a dee-mok-crow-see?”. Momma answers “well chile wen da wyt foaks goes ta wirk n getz dae munee sum of dat munee goz tu da blak foaks so blak foak gitz rentz n fud n sell fone n a caw n sheeit.” “Momma watz if da wyt foak dunt wuntz tu giv dae munee” “well chile datz cawed ray-sizm”