By any other name would smell as sweet – Naming the “Opposition”

by Mark Angelides

When we talk about the “opposition”, we do so with different terminology; this leads to division over groups that essentially represent the same thing. Nailing down precisely who and what “they” are IS important, because it means we can create and identify with a broad church coalition. When we call out a group, we know what we mean, but other people may not. This is part of the reason that the “opposition” cites unity on their side and factionalism on the other.

Often we use the catchall phrase “The Left”, but that pushes out people who also decry Corporatism and Crony-Capitalism. We use “Liberals” but we don’t really mean those who want Liberty. Each time we name a group, it further divides from ourselves, and this was the plan all along.

Naming things does not change their nature, but it allows us to work in coordination. I want your feedback on this; it would be great to come up with a name that covers the vast swathe that is “them”. The first step is to set out some key tenets on which all “right thinking folks” can agree:

  1. Personal responsibility
  2. Little government interference in our daily lives
  3. Policies that prioritize our own nation first
  4. The right to protect yourself from danger and tyranny

There are many more (and please leave your idea in the comments below), but I feel that these are at the core. The “opposition” are (broad-stroke) for the opposite:

  1. Limited personal responsibility depending on your status and relationship with government
  2. Regulation on most aspects of your life
  3. Globalist policies that do not put citizens’ interests first
  4. The role of protection is assumed by the government

What’s needed is a clear naming of groups that believe similar things.

Leftists, Liberals, Socialists, Progressives and more, are all terms we use for description, but by doing so we segregate people from the cause. I want to open this up to all of you; if I were to just put a name on them, the comments section would likely be filled with you guys putting me right on things. So let’s make this a group effort to define exactly who “they” are and what term would identify them without dividing even further. And sure, it might be that you disagree that we should be setting into two opposite camps, but that is precisely how “they” see it. Over to you and thank you…