CA has at least 4.1 mil illegals, has issued 800k DL to illegals so far. 1 of 4 births are Anchor babies. Yes Illegals vote #Calexit reality


You can safely add 50% to those #’s. You are automatically registered to vote by checking a box when you get your license & no voter ID in much of Cali.

You don’t even need to prove your identity in any way to register to vote in California. Anyone can go online right now and fill out completely fake information, provide no proof of identity whatsoever, and register as a permanent absentee voter in California. A cat could be registered to vote in less than 2 minutes right now, and let’s be honest, there are probably already cats registered and who voted for Hillary.

Try it for yourself here, you can get all the way to the end without ever providing a driver’s license/identification/social security number or anything. You don’t even need to give an exact address. It’s sickening. Just don’t actually do any fake registrations, that would be illegal.




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  • Zack TheBongRipper

    How much welfare do these illegals take, and do baby boomer republicans and liberals expect the younger generation to pay for them via the national debt??? FU%$K OFF. . .

  • Lou

    Illegals Statistics; You say tomato, I say tomato; either way it AIN’T good.

    Pew Hispanic Center found last year that four percent of illegal immigrants work in farming (compared to 0.5% of the native population). Most illegal immigrants work in services (31%) or construction (19%).”

    Time to CLOSE and CONTROL our borders

  • George_Costanza

    It is about time for hospitals in the state of California to demand proof of parents’ citizenship, before they issue a birth certificate that “proves” the child is a US citizen. {give them a form that says the kid is theirs-but has the citizenship of their parent(s): be it Mexican, Chinese, Guatemalan, Indian, etc.}
    The 14th Amendment does not confer automatic birthright citizenship upon the children of legal & illegal aliens, just because they happened to be borne here.
    Next step: pay the full tuition cost of YOUR kids to attend the government schools.
    This should be incentive to only has as many kids as you can financially support. {and no more cultural genocide, by out-breeding}

  • Joe Blow

    Hey, there are only 11 million in America and a very small number commit crimes. Most volunteer at hospitals, help people to their cars at malls, paint old people’s houses for free, and some have even found the cure for cancer.

    “OK Pinocchio, time for bed, your nose has grown soooo long today young man.”
    “Where’s my Rachel Maddow doll Gepetto?”

  • Joe Nunes

    california is illegal scumbag state/good place for drug dealers/gangs and murderers to hang out——————-and get a free welfare check———————-trump eliminate welfare fraud/illegal id’s and f all money to sanctuary cities—————–WALL PAID FOR/BORDER WLL TAX—WE GET IT ALL BACK/21%ILLEGALS IN JAIL————-HAVE THESE COCKROACHES BUILD THE WALL PERIOD——————-IS THE NEGRO BACK AT THE BRONX ZOO YET