CA Police Violently Raid And Severely Beat Innocent Marine Veteran In His Own Bed

The victim’s lawyer said, in all his client was tasered 2 to 3 times and suffered at least 15 baton blows, causing neurological damage and a separated shoulder.

Boyes Hot Springs, CA — Only in police state USA could an argument over a husband failing to notice his wife’s haircut end with police tasering and severely beating a man as he lays in bed. That is exactly what happened to Marine Corps veteran Fernando Del Valle — and he’s got the video to prove it.

Although the incident occurred last September, the video was just released. It shows the horrifying nature of a problem cop who’s overly prone to violence.

On the night of September 24, Del Valle, 38, and his wife had some drinks and got into an argument after he failed to notice her haircut. The argument became heated but never once turned physical.

As Del Valle retreated into the bedroom and locked himself in, the couple’s screaming got the attention of the neighbors, who, in turn, called the police.

Just as the argument begins to calm down, cops burst into the couple’s home.

As for Del Valle, after he was severely beaten by Thorne — for no reason — he was then arrested and brought to jail.

However, once police attempted to charge him with something, they realized they had no evidence of him committing a crime, so he was let go.



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  • The Deplorable Neal Jensen

    Having a spouse at all has put ANY mans life (who has a spouse) in jeopardy of instantly being killed just for being a MALE. no proof just all gyncentrict (protect females at all costs no matter if their is danger or not, truth or not, a CRIME COMMITTED or not).
    Men, you are wisest to never have a female in your quarters nor a relationshit with them. Rent it and kick it out. Your lives depend on it.

  • Michael McTague

    these cops are on drugs