Calexit is Going to Plan B and It Is Deadly

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CA is broke thanks to Gov Jerry Brown. Not all of CA wanted the CalExit, most don’t even understand it, they follow along blindly. Mexico would end up with it anyway. The far north of CA, the REAL northern CA 380 miles above Sacramento, several counties along with some southern counties of Oregon want to create the State of Jefferson because the majority are conservative and Sacramento doesn’t represent or hear their issues. They are completely different than the rest of the state and need leadership that represents and preserves their way of life. As for the Orville Dam, these are not new issues. Gov Jerry Brown knew of the deterioration of the Dam many years ago and never took care of business but lined his pockets, the whole CA infrastructure is near failure. Should that Dam break, and I believe it will, then he should be held liable for the mass death it will create. Was this a created situation? possibly, it’s something to think about. Situations are created all the time to bring about an agenda that may take many many years. The one thing I wish people realized about CA is that CA is NOT all liberals, there are lots of wonderful conservative people spread throughout.


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