Calexit is Going to Plan B and It Is Deadly

CA is broke thanks to Gov Jerry Brown. Not all of CA wanted the CalExit, most don’t even understand it, they follow along blindly. Mexico would end up with it anyway. The far north of CA, the REAL northern CA 380 miles above Sacramento, several counties along with some southern counties of Oregon want to create the State of Jefferson because the majority are conservative and Sacramento doesn’t represent or hear their issues. They are completely different than the rest of the state and need leadership that represents and preserves their way of life. As for the Orville Dam, these are not new issues. Gov Jerry Brown knew of the deterioration of the Dam many years ago and never took care of business but lined his pockets, the whole CA infrastructure is near failure. Should that Dam break, and I believe it will, then he should be held liable for the mass death it will create. Was this a created situation? possibly, it’s something to think about. Situations are created all the time to bring about an agenda that may take many many years. The one thing I wish people realized about CA is that CA is NOT all liberals, there are lots of wonderful conservative people spread throughout.



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  • Guillotine_ready

    We may be better off if it did leave.

  • doodaa

    ha ha.. California won’t do shit. A state full of pussys with Brown at the helm. Shut the F* up California. All you dumb fucks are moving to Texas anyway. I can’t wait to shoot ya’. Dumb f*cks.

  • elheffe

    The second referendum would of been splitting NoCal from SoCal.

  • Joe Blow

    I am old school Northen Californian ..good, white, English speaking schools, uncrowded highways, ride motorcycle without a helmet, no mandatory car ins, toss a loaded .22 in the back seat and go shooting cans and bottles, incredible amount of rolling hills and open fields.

    Went back to visit in 2010 and it was horribly depressing, like looking at a bad rape and muder scene. ??

    • UnderTheBedMonster

      The old California will never return. Just remember your fun times in a place that does not exist any longer. I first visited in 1974 and when I went back a few years ago….I was horribly disappointed to put it mildly. The samething happened in Florida. I moved there in 1974 and left in 1997 never to return as that state too has changed for the WORSE.

      • Joe Blow

        Californians aren’t welcome by most in the Rocky Mountain States. They sell their over priced houses, move East and buy into country areas then demand like whiny entitlement babies that the areas have to accomodate their demands for California things.

        • UnderTheBedMonster

          Yes….have seen it first hand when they ruined Oregon and Washington states. They insit now that pot be made legal so the pot barons can make billions in other states. I don’t think allowing everyone to be high 24/7 is a good idea….. too many accidents will happen at home and on the highways..

          • Joe Blow

            Many are “high” often. Your understandings about smoking pot need some updating.

            First of all it is a persons right to do what they want with their temple. Gov has no business telling us what we can eat, drink, marry, make love with, smoke, etc.

            Next, I have yet to see a report on pot “causing” any wrecks. Pot tends to make people over focus rather than “get wild.” Alcohol on the other hand is the cause of accidents through poor motor control and over confidence based on infantile regression.

            Pot has been demonized because in the hands of adults it offers users a doorway to higher consciousness and deeper thought. In adolescents most either get goofy or withdrawn from too much inner journeys.

            I don’t care if people make lots of money on pot, it is a great service to others.

          • UnderTheBedMonster

            I smoked pot for 15 years daily so I know first hand the “focus” crap is just crap so don’t preach to me about the focus baloney. I only used pot once for medicinal purposes after I was in a horrible auto accident and had head unjuries and was denied any pain meds for my lower back cracked disk pain. I do believe without it I would have suffered much more.

            Higher consciousness on pot? Gimme a break. In the 15 years I smoked I never found any higher conscriousness. I DID however find it when I used LSD and could see music as colors.

            Anyone under age 21 should not imbide in pot as it takes away their sense of reality and makes them too disconnected to properly cope with today’s world.

          • Joe Blow

            “In the 15 years I smoked I never found any higher conscriousness”

            Pretty much says it all about you dosen’t it?

            You are just too angry to deal with. Got to block you.

        • doodaa

          Yeah…leave your California sh*t in California. “We don’t do it like that here”.