California braces for THIRD major storm after flooding and winds left two people dead and thousands without power

Just days after a series of storms battered Northern California, leaving two people dead and thousands without power, forecasters are projecting that yet another major storm system will hit the region, bringing with it strong winds and serious flooding.

Officials from the National Weather Service say the storm, the third to hit the region since Wednesday, is likely to arrive sometime Sunday evening. Already, authorities have issued flood warnings for both the Napa and Russian rivers, as well as several areas north of San Francisco.

Meanwhile, neighboring Nevada has also declared a state of emergency in a number of major cities in anticipation of flooding.

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Nonstop: A third powerful storm system is set to hit Northern California after earlier flooding and strong winds left two people dead and thousands without power

Devastation: A car is wrecked in Fairfax, California after the advent of high wind and rain in the region


Mark Strudley of the National Weather Service said that motorways and farmland in the region are particularly at risk for flooding. The Napa River drains the famous Napa Valley, which home to more than 400 vineyards.

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‘Some roads will become inundated and some of the agricultural areas will take on some water,’ Strudley said.


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