California Governor Brown seeks $7 billion from tax hikes

Just headlines:

  1. Italy’s Debt Costs May Rise by EU30 Billion, Confindustria Says
  2. California Governor Brown seeks $7 billion from tax hikes
  3. Fitch: Chinese banks are under growing strain
  4. ECB Deposits Hit New High
  5. Euro Central Banks Seen Providing Up to $270 Billion Through IMF
  6. Lithuania Borrowing Costs to Surge as Snoras Payments Boost Debt
  7. Moody’s Proposal May Trigger CMBS Downgrades, Analysts Say
  8. Australia’s Four Largest Banks Downgraded by S&P on Criteria
  9. Detroit’s Broken-Down Buses Keep Residents Immobile as City Faces Takeover
  10. Public pension liabilities at $28,000 per household in Dallas: Study
  11. Shale Pioneers Plan Next English Wells After First Frack Causes Earthquake
  12. Merkel says debt crisis will take years to solve


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