California issues its first cellphone Amber Alert… Startles Sleeping Californians

California issues first cellphone Amber Alert, opt-out available

Monday marked the first time in California that officials notified the public of a statewide Amber Alert through their cellphones, a California Highway Patrol official said.

It differed from phone to phone, but sometime between late Monday and early Tuesday many mobile phones across Southern California received an Amber Alert related to two missing children in San Diego.

James Lee DiMaggio is suspected of killing Christina Anderson, 44, of Lakeside and kidnapping one or both of her children: Hannah Anderson, 16, and Ethan Anderson, 8.,0,1622380.story

Messages From New Amber Alert Program Startle Sleeping Californians

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – The notifications that woke many Californians overnight due to a statewide abduction search were part of a new national Amber Alert system officially rolled out earlier this year to millions of cellphones.

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The alerts are automatically active on most newer phones, which means that you and many of your friends may have been caught completely by surprise.

Tuesday’s message – the first statewide notification since the program launched – was triggered when a statewide Amber Alert was issued for a pair of siblings who law enforcement officials believed were kidnapped by a man who allegedly killed their mother and burned down his San Diego County home on Sunday night.

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