Can A Satellite Read Your Thoughts? – The Analysis Of The Human Experimentation Program

This article is just incredible. It tells you what the US government’s computer system is really doing in this human experiments involving radio waves and the human body. Not only that, but it outlines where the experiments are at, what has been discovered and the theory of operation.

This is the clearest explanation so far and it is horrific. Where the fuck is the US justice department, FBI or military police?

Is this why Petareus ran from the CIA? An affair is hardly a sackable offense….

from newsvine:

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Today I thought we should examine the human experimentation program itself. More specifically, what are the goals of the experiments, how advanced is the technology, what does it reveal about the operation of the human mind and what model of operation is the US agency behind this program applying to the human mind? These are all fascinating questions and we have obtained some solid answers in these areas. We will also take a look at the technology as it was 10 years ago and compare it to where the program is today. Hopefully this will reveal the pace of development and allow us to speculate at what areas are causing issues.

I think most people will find this extremely interesting.


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