Canada Going Down … More Evidence of a North American Union?

from The Daily Bell:

Canadian Economy Tumble … Given the historical relationship between cross-border trade and global economic activity, report from the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis that world trade volumes seem to be consolidating but are within a hair’s breadth of turning negative on a year-over-year basis suggests that another global downturn is on the cards. – Financial Iceberg

Dominant Social Theme: All countries go through rough patches, and Canada will bounce back.

Free-Market Analysis: We were impressed by this article posted at the Financial Iceberg (see above) – as it summarized in depth what some other recent articles have also alluded to regarding Canada’s suddenly precarious economic situation.

The Financial Iceberg is run by Jean-Pierre Desloges, CFA, “an independent trader with over 25 years of experience working on the buy and sell-side.”

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