CANADASTAN: So THAT’S where all our illegal alien Muslim invaders are going

by BNI

And they were personally invited by Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. Thousands of young military age Muslim men are just walking across the border from the United States to Quebec. And falsely claiming to be refugees. There are only a few women and children amongst them. And billionaire George Soros and his favorite paid-off boy-toy, Justin Trudeau, are having a good laugh about it.

The Rebel  And take a look at what Canada picked to be in charge of this Muslim invasion of Canada…a Somali Muslim, no less:

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No-one leaving the United States is a refugee. There is no genocide in upstate New York. There is no ethnic cleansing in Minnesota. There are no death squads in Michigan. But there is Donald Trump, thank God, who has scared them into fleeing the U.S. But we wish they’d go back to the Islamic hellholes they crawled out of, rather than to Canada.

Never forget what Justin Trudeau said“Regardless of who you are or where you come from, there’s always a place for you in Canada.”



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