Capital controls, trade controls, border controls… – Simon Black

from sovereignman:

Humbly I will ask you to please excuse the 48+ hour hiatus since we last spoke. I ate some tainted beef Tuesday evening that caused some of the worst food poisoning I’ve ever had in my life. It wasn’t pretty.

Being sick is a funny thing… it really makes one appreciate being healthy. When we’re feeling great, we take our health for granted. Few people wake up in the morning and think, “Weeeee, I’m not ill today!”

Yet it can all come crashing down so quickly. And the moment it’s taken away by some tiny microscopic organism, we’d suddenly give anything to go back to that blissful state of good health.

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Moreover, as human beings grow older, our health starts gradually slipping away. Eventually we start to forget what it’s like to wake up without aches and pains. It just becomes a normal part of life.

And then, after decades of aging and little pains creeping in, people often get hit with a deluge of health problems all at once. It’s part of life.

Freedom works in the same way. Most folks take freedom for granted. And thusly, they don’t think much about trading it away like some street market commodity.



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