Cash-strapped NJ city pays $295k to keep MARRIOTT hotel open through June

TRENTON — Wavering between cutting the city’s losses when it comes to the money-losing Trenton Marriott and forking over more dollars to prevent the imminent closure of the city-owned hotel, city council voted 4-3 last night to approve a $295,000 cash call that should keep the struggling hotel open through at least June.

“The past week I’ve been talking about this situation with all the downtown businesses and they have urged me to do whatever I can as a council member because they don’t want the Marriott to close,” said Councilwoman Marge Caldwell-Wilson, who voted for the cash call, with reservations. “I don’t want it to close either, but I’m not happy with the road it’s going down. But I understand we have to pay bills and I can’t see shutting the doors tonight and telling all those (employees) they have to find places to go.”

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