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The Bond Yield That Could Break The Camel’s Back

By SchiffGold Ten-year bond yields have hit their highest level since July 2014. Meanwhile, the stock market has gone up about 45% since that time. Contrast that with earnings that have increased just 6%. As...


4 in 5 Americans Want Less Immigration

by John Whitaker Americans are Against Mass Immigration—So Why Can’t Congress Pass Immigration Reform? According to a new Harvard-Harris poll, 81 percent of Americans want a reduction in immigration levels to 1 million or lower.  Last...


Bitcoin: Rinse, Wash, Repeat: The Fractal Road To 8K

via ronfkingswansonTOP Called the 17.2K bulltrap when folks were expecting to unload bags at 18-19K. Called the 9K low on the second selloff, when folks were clamoring for even more blood.Now we’re repeating the same...