Putin responds to provocative question with style!

BBC observer John Sweeney tried to approach Vladimir Putin to ask several questions on Ukraine. President promised to answer later, however, the journalist insisted on receiving the answers immediately.

REPORT: Swiss banks pull out of U.S. program to crackdown on tax cheats

ZURICH (Reuters) – At least 10 Swiss banks have withdrawn from a U.S. program aimed at settling a tax dispute between them and the United States, Swiss newspaper NZZ am Sonntag said on Sunday, quoting unnamed sources.

Around 100 Swiss banks came forward at the end of last year to work with U.S. authorities in a program brokered by the Swiss government to help the [...]

Germany delivers 16,000 assault rifles, 10,000 grenades to Kurds in Iraq

10,000 hand grenades, 16,000 rifles, 240 rocket-propelled grenades: Germany sends military equipment for 4000 Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq. This was decided by the Federal Government on Sunday evening.

Berlin – The fight against the jihadists of the ” Islamic State “(IS) will theKurds in northern Iraq, among other anti-tank missiles “Milan” and bazookas from Germany. The’ve Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said. It previously with a ministerial meeting headed by Chancellor had Merkel in Berlin agreed.

Germany sends [...]

Putin to Barroso: “If I want, I’ll take Kiev in two weeks”

Ukraine, Putin’s blackmail on the European summit: ‘If I want to take Kiev in two weeks “

He says that when he asked about the military boundless in Ukraine, the Russian leader went to the threats: “The problem is this – it’s the answer told by Tsar Barroso – but what if I want to take Kiev in two weeks.” As if to say, do not provoke me [...]

‘There’ll be no military intervention in Ukraine’ – Lavrov

Russia’s foreign minister believes that the peace plan offered by the Ukrainian president is “unrealistic” and calls of the US and the EU to persuade Kiev to stop using heavy artillery and airstrikes against the civilian population in the country’s east. FULL STORY: http://on.rt.com/8ock3x