The Real Implications of Forecasting Are More Profound Than you Think

by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, I attended the Berlin Conference and I must say, you told us to expect a move between the Benchmarks in gold, and that the first quarter looked to be a countertrend move. You seem to be able to map out the direction of markets all the time. I

Election Analysis***delegates/Superdelegates DNC Debate tonight* Corruption

As a political observer and small time analyst here in New England I have spent quite a bit of time in this election.

I Want to make note of a few things and lay out what to expect at the DNC debate this evening.

To fully understand what I am going to lay out

Who Will Raise Rates? The Market or the Fed?

by Martin Armstrong

Some people are confused by what I mean when I say that rates will rise as we move into the sovereign debt crisis, which will pick up steam in 2017 moving into 2020. We are NOT talking about central banks raising rates; we are looking at the FREE MARKET. As people

Reversal Of Fortunes: Capital Pours Out Of Banks And Into Gold

by John Rubino

For banks, the recent news is pretty grim. But it’s about to get much worse, based on the following:

Yield Curve Flattens: Now 10-Year Yields Just 1% More than 2-Year

(Barrons) – Ye olde yield curve keeps getting flatter. Wednesday continued the trend — which is most pronounced between two and 10-year

Silver, Gold, the Argentina Peso & Exponentially Increasing Prices

by Gary Christenson

The exchange rate between the Argentina Peso and the US dollar in January 1945 was 4.17 pesos to one dollar. Like the United States, Argentina created substantial price inflation – devaluation of their currency – in the 1950s – 1990s.

According to Wikipedia Argentina devalued their currency by a factor of 100 in

The Game is Over – Market Perspective

by Martin Armstrong

The fuse has been lit. The world economy is in serious trouble and we have the worst possible people at the helm. You have Obama who wants to double the funding now for the SEC and CFTC to go after the banks because he smells blood. He also wants to add a

WATCH: News Anchor Gets Fed Up With Beyonce, Drops EPIC Truth Bomb Everyone Should Hear

by B. Christopher Agee, Western Journalism

“This isn’t about equality…”

Tomi Lahren, host of TheBlaze’s Tomi, was among the many conservative pundits to criticize Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show, which featured pop star Beyonce in a Black Panthers-themed performance. According to Lahren, the politically charged display was just the latest effort to stoke racial tensions.

“This isn’t

Student threatens violence after seeing Trump sticker on classmate’s computer. ‘I’ll smash this b**ch’s computer’

by DCG


A student has been condemned online after threatening to smash a classmate’s computer because it had a Donald Trump sticker on it.

The Daily Mail reports that the man, identified online as Clifford Durand, a student at St John’s University, New York, posted at 10am threatening to‘smash this b**ch’s computer’

The Most Useless Question in Retirement Planning

by Charles Sizemore

What’s your number?

No, I’m not planning to ask you out on a date. Nothing personal, but my wife has a South American temper and is definitely the jealous type.

Rather, I’m referring to the single most common question I see in retirement planning: “What’s your retirement number?” Said

State Of Emergency On Hawaii’s Big Island Over Dengue Fever Outbreak

The mayor of Hawaii County has declared a state of emergency on Hawaii’s Big Island over an outbreak of mosquito-borne dengue fever.

The island has seen nearly 250 confirmed cases of the mosquito-borne virus since September 2015. State health officials first reported two cases that originated there in late October 2015, Mayor Billy Kenoi says

Debt Funded Buybacks used to cover up poor fundamentals – reality collides with fantasy.

by Lance Roberts

Companies Lose Billions On Stock Buybacks

I recently wrote an article about why “Benchmarking Your Portfolio Is A Losing Bet.” In that missive, I discussed all the things that benefit a mathematically calculated index versus what happens in an actual portfolio of securities. One of those issues was the impact of share

‘I hate to say’ selling going to continue: Gartman

CNBC, Released on 2/11/16

“It will end when it ends. I’ve lived through many of these in 40 years of being around. Suddenly there’s just an end to the selling, everyone looks around and realizes that the selling reached a tsunami-like ending. And you turn around.”

Recession fears are real – Strategist

Nigel Farage on Calais Invasion

Nigel Farage has been a member of the European Parliament for 17 years. He is also the head of the UK Independence Party or UKIP. In 2014, he was named “Briton of the Year” by The Times. For years he has been ahead of the curve as the leading voice of Euro-skepticism. He advocates

Common Core Math: 5+5+5?15 and other follies

by Dr. Eowyn

5×3 = 15

But Common Core says 5+5+5 ? 15!

Common Core says the answer to 8+5 is to think of the question as 10+3!

And Common Core says 3×4 = 11 and 2+2 = 5 are okay!

God help us.


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