WikiLeaks Poll: 117,000 Votes, Trump Wins by Landslide!

US poll: Who will you vote to become President?

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) July 29, 2016

WikiLeaks Poll: 117,000 Votes, Trump Wins by Landslide!

~~Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump won a WikiLeaks presidential poll with 50% of the overall vote, beating Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton by 28%.

The poll, which WikiLeaks ran on

The Cyber War Has Begun – Russia’s Defense Systems Was Just Hit By A “Major, Professional” Cyberattack

translated from Persian…

According to the news website News Network, the secure nature of the Russian Federation today announced that operations run by hacker – a vast collection of the State Defense computer systems and centers weapons manufacturer was attacked.

The agency said the hackers have enjoyed an excellent and professional skills and the work

SHAMEFUL!!! Watch Democrats At The DNC Throw Every American Under The Bus In Favor Of Illegals

Watch if you can stomach it…Pandering sick ass traitor Democrats weasel and worm their way through the most simple & direct questions on Sanctuary city policies and the Americans they are literally killing

TV News: MARTIAL LAW Declared in Maryland after PURGE (FEMA Camps activation) 2016

Special TV news related with MARTIAL LAW and FEMA CAMPS! It’s your tax return. This is a Public Utility video for all american people! Urgent to share! take a look! Share… share… this is very important! The FEMA CAMPS MARTIAL LAW proof evidence! Please share!! All people need to see this! Share… let’s share

The Burrito Index: Consumer Prices Have Soared 160% Since 2001

by Charles Hugh Smith

In our household, we measure inflation with the “Burrito Index”: How much has the cost of a regular burrito at our favorite taco truck gone up?

Since we keep detailed records of expenses (a necessity if you’re a self-employed free-lance writer), I can track the real-world inflation of the Burrito Index

Feds & state/local authorities going door to door collecting urine samples checking for Zika Virus

George Orwell’s book was good, but he couldn’t even predict this madness. what happens if you say no? Are you put on a list? Forced to pee in a cup? I cannot imagine there isn’t some repercussion if you refuse to pee for the government on cue. Wow This is something else. HOLY @#$(


In a nutshell: “There is a max amount of money any one person can donate in a year. To get around this, the DNC have established “debts” for previous years so that people can go beyond the maximum.

I can give the maximum amount allowed, then give more by paying off my “debts” from previous

Trump’s Life Is In Grave Danger-High Profile Assassination Warnings Continue

by Dave Hodges


Katy Whelan, the Health Reporter for The Common Sense Show, sent me an email last night in which she noted the similarities between the Romney’s threatening speech directed at Trump, five months ago, and the release of John Hinckley this week, could not be just another coincidence. She could not

Obama to spend whole month of October campaigning for Hillary – ON YOUR DIME!

Barack Obama will take October off from work to campaign the entire month for Hillary Clinton. Because things are going so well under his leadership…

With ISIS on the march and the economy in turmoil Obama will take the month of October off. Unreal.

Wow! Obama to Take October Off to Campaign for Hillary

Six State Employees Criminally Charged Over Flint Water Crisis

by Carol Adl

Six Michigan state employees have been criminally charged for their connection to the dangerous levels of lead in the city of Flint’s drinking water.

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality workers official Liane Shekter Smith, Adam Rosenthal and Patrick Cook were all charged, along with Nancy Peeler, Corinne Miller and Robert Scott

Cover Up – Obama Sex Settlement at Harvard – Dumb Americans Don’t Know History!!

The past for those who dare to look will make what Obama did just part of a world where it happens all the time. Sexual abusers don’t care anymore and they have owned the system and still do!

Harvard University paid out over $10K to two male Law Review editors who complained of sexual harassment

David Icke Exposes Michelle Obama – Black on Black & They Won’t Come Back?

Flashback May 2008 – Michelle Obama’s Hospital Shuns Uninsured Poor People

Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama has positioned himself as the champion of the poor and all those that can’t afford health insurance.

Maybe he should direct his efforts to the hospital his wife Michelle works for, as it appears the University of

Heads Up Everyone! This Weekend Could Be Serious!

Two different TV stations were broadcasting that the end of the world is here…I KID YOU NOT…..WTH???

Here are the links:

Today will be the ‘end of the world,’ group says

And the second one I saw on Facebook as an AD from a TV station….

Both stations are talking about a pole flip this

Aging lock is one breakdown away from crippling North America’s economy

SAULT STE. MARIE, MICH. — The dispatch tower above the Soo Locks on a fine July day offers a spectacular view, but there is little time to admire it. There are five telephones and five radios, and at 9 a.m. a radio squawks.

“Go ahead, captain,” says Chris Albrough, lockmaster with the U.S. Army Corps

America relies on war for jobs?

President Putin asks the US Ambassador for his analysis on whether or not the Missile Defense System, being positioned on Russia’s doorstep, is in fact a threat to Russian security? His answer attempted to dispel the argument, but came out even more disturbing. According to the US Ambassador, America needs war to create jobs.


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