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Gold & Silver Money Has Devolved Into Debt and Plastic

by Gary Christenson Central banks will disagree; Keynesian economists probably disagree; Too-Big-To-Fail banks don’t care; But I think the following is generally accurate regarding the devolution of gold and silver money. IN THE BEGINNING: ...


Momentum Investing Vs. Value Investing… Why Not Both?

by Charles Sizemore Let’s go back in time 30 years. Remember those “Taste great / less filling” Miller Lite beer commercials from the mid-1980s? You could roughly divide the world’s beer-drinking population into two rival...


Gold Tumble ‘Looks Way Too Extreme’

Nader Naeimi, head of dynamic asset allocation at AMP Capital Investors Ltd., talks about commodity markets, Chinese stocks and his investment strategy. He speaks from Sydney with Yvonne Man on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.”...