Clinton To Payback Lynch For The “Immunity Five” By Nomination To Supreme Court…That Is She Becomes President.

by Pamela Williams

So, here it comes…payback to Loretta Lynch of the Department of Justice for granting immunity to five of Clinton’s staff in the Email Investigation.  Until just a few days ago, the Country thought the FBI had granted that immunity to those staffers.  However, after the House Judiciary Committee Meeting, FBI Director Comey said, “The

Will Bernie Sanders Retract His Support Of Hillary Clinton After This Leaked Audio?

by Pamela Williams

In the below leaked audio Hillary Clinton says Bernie Sanders’ supporters live in basements.  She is clearly talking down about those who have supported Sanders.  Hopefully Sanders will reject Clinton at this point, but he is probably sold out hook, line, and sinker.  Poor Bernie.  He should actually be in Clinton’s place!

WikiLeaks Reveals George Soros Directly Instructed Hillary Clinton As Secretary At State!

by Pamela Williams

This is not a brand new leak, but as I continue to discover so many of the past WikiLeaks revelations I missed. This one is of major importance especially now during the Presidential elections, and for me this is a chilling discovery.

George Soros is an evil man who seeks to control

Is this crisis like Lehman Brothers on steroids? This is what you need to know about the Deutsche Bank crisis today…

From Michael Covel, Editor, Trend Following:

Deutsche Bank is blood in the water… and the sharks smell it.

Yesterday, Bloomberg reported that major hedge funds were reducing their exposure to the German banking behemoth. The smart money is headed for the exits.

That caused the bank’s U.S.-listed shares to hit a new all-time low of


Virginia Hale for Breitbart reports Facebook revealed that within the last month it deleted 100,000 posts by German users for containing “hate”, but Justice Minister Heiko Maas has blasted the figure as too low.

Read more:…

How Do We Create Value When Knowledge Is Almost Free?

by Charles Hugh-Smith

Credentials are increasingly in over-supply; problem-solving skills are scarce.

How do we create value in an economy that is increasingly dependent on knowledge? The answer is complicated by the reality that knowledge is increasingly digital and “unownable” and therefore almost free.

Financialization as a substitute for creating value has run its course.

WHAT BIAS? Watch ‘The View’ Women Attack Trump Camp. Mgr and Then Praise Hillary Camp. Mgr.

What Bias?” Watch the nasty women on The View’ harass and abuse Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway this week and then praise Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook. They even let Robbie Mook lie about Hillary Clinton’s homebrew server.

AFP: Europe’s Populist Surge Fuelled by Migrant Crisis

BUDAPEST (AFP) – Hungarians are poised to reject the EU’s troubled refugee quota plan in a referendum on Sunday, as fiercely anti-migrant Prime Minister Viktor Orban rides a populist wave across the bloc.

Following are the main European populist parties that have stoked concerns about the continent’s worst migrant crisis since World War II to

“Trump is not a candidate. Trump is a murder weapon. The victim will be the establishment class, i.e. the status quo.”

More commentary on the new claims that Ohio suddenly isn’t important because Clinton isn’t winning there.

Which might be enough on it’s own, but I think the additional commentary is extra enjoyable to read.

I also think campaign watchers are not understanding Trump’s support. Trump’s support isn’t coming because he has a R by his

Rush Limbaugh: “Trump campaign needs to hire this [African American] caller for debate prep — your advice is PERFECTION” (3min)

There have been signs that Trump pays attention to Rush, so hopefully he will hear this call.

HYPOCRISY – Harry Reid said in 1993 what Republicans say now about Illegal Immigrants

The US is handing over DNS control of the internet to the global community. The globalists are taking control of the internet tonight at midnight and the internet will NOT LONGER be under the protection of the 1st amendment

Video Showing Bill Clinton Violating The Cuban Embargo By Purchasing Cuban Cigars In New Zealand

Published on Sep 8, 2012

Hidden in the archives for several years surfaces now, Surveilance footage of Ex President Bill Clinton, mouting a Montecristo Especial No.2

I have this transcript of a parliamentary debate for a Smoke-free Environments Amendment Bill from New Zealand dated 2003 where it confirms that Bill Clinton was

How brainwashing works…



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