CBS: Obama Admin Docs Show Warned of Imminent Benghazi Attack Days Before Deadly Assault

CBS News has learned the Obama admin has turned Benghazi docs to senate intel comm

One source who viewed the docs says someone in a federal agency “press shop” was involved in changing the talking points to remove al Qaeda

An official familiar with the docs says there were warnings from Libya sent to Washington in the days leading up to the attack–(cont)

–that specifically warned of an imminent attack on the US compound in Benghazi

A source familiar with the docs says most every communication between Libya and DC from the start of the attacks referenced —

–al Qaeda or al Qaeda affiliates as being the likely instigators

A source who viewed the docs says the few that mentioned a protest on benghazi nite were not first hand references

Two sources believe Benghazi survivor info and transcripts still have not been provided in unredacted form to committee


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  • JosephHouseman

    Well like Hillary said “what does it matter?” No matter how many times this administration is caught red handed in lie upon lie nothing ever comes of it. The Democrats will excuse murder and treason and the Republicans are afraid to try to do anything about it. The strategy is always to stonewall, lie and obfuscate to keep things tied in knots until the pathetic excuse for journalists surpass their very limited attention span and start complaining about how the Republicans are drawing out a non-issue, they are already far past that point with regard to Benghazi.