I usually don’t follow much of domestic politics, for it is mostly smoke screen, hiding the international puppetmasters, but….

There is a riot going on in my country
it started in the 2nd biggest city maribor(protesting the mayor fascism) a couple of days agoand spread now to the capital ljubljana

I know these things are held isolated in the media, so here it is, totaly fresh news about a revolution in central europe, totaly not mainstram.
Greece, spain, slovenia was on the same list, but it should be after portugal and ireland…plans gone wild?



Here is a Maribor mayor poster saying. “he is finished!”



..for your information:
my countrymen are fairly self sufficient and not as temperament as the rest of the Balkan or the neighbouring Italy. Meaning that they don’t protest much, but when they do, it is absolutely no joke…



– anonymous