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CFR: World government can be achieved in 2013

URGENT! CFR publishing docs on how they can finally set up their world government in 2013…ieved-in-2013/

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), an organisation established in 1921 by the global elite, has publicized what it believes to be the challenges that need to be overcome to establish World Governmentin 2013.

In summary, the Council on Foreign Relations has sought the opinion of four Globalists from around the world on what are the greatest challenges the world faces that would prevent the formation of World Government in 2013.

  • Richard N. Haass –  President, Council on Foreign Relations (2012). Bilderberg Group (2005)
  • Yang Jiemian – Trilateral Commision Member (2010)
  • Igor Yurgens – Chairman of the Management Board, Institute of Contemporary Development, Russian Federation (2012)
  • Michael Fullilove – Executive Director of the Lowy Institute for International Policy (2012)

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