Chaos Coming At United States From All Sides! It Is The Perfect Storm, And You Must Stay In The Eye Of The Storm!

This is a really good video which summarizes what we are facing in the United States.

There are wars and talks of wars.

We have ISIS threatening New York City.

We have illegals crossing our borders in droves.

We have President Obama very concerned about taking care of the illegals, but he does not give a f… about the American people.

SWAT teams are not calling themselves “private Corporations.”

Russian jets have now gone into Iraq to fight agains ISIS.

The USA is just lagging behind in the fight against ISIS.

Many people are seeing UN VEHICLES with the words, “WEAPONS ENFORCEMENT” on them. 

We have a lot going on in this Country and outside of it.

One thing we can is to take care of ourselves:
1. Pray.
2. Get in shape. 
3. Walk everyday with your backpack on.
4. Take vitamins and supplements.
5. Connect with like-minded individuals.
6. Stay close to and love your family and friends.
7. Keep up with the news.
8. Keep your eyes and ears open.

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Top down
Bottom up
Inside out

Immigration and The Evils of Deliberate Chaos.

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Ben Fulford (July 1 2014) ~ Is ISIS A Crisis Or Some Kind Of Inside Joke?

Sometimes events in the news seem so surreal that it becomes a guess they are not real, or at least not in the sense we see it. That is certainly the case with the declaration of the Islamic Caliphate or ISIS last week.

The first thing to note, as pointed out by alert readers, is that there is a military contractor called ISIS that offers services in such areas as “role playing,” “exercise and evaluations,” “human intelligence,” “special operations” and “unmanned aircraft systems” among other things.

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