Charlotte NC School System granted $2 million to get better results for African American male students

| WBTV Charlotte


Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District (CMS) received a $2 million national grant that will offer help to African American male students. The grant comes from the National Institute of Justice.

CMS says this grant will help more than 20,000 black male students. Administrators say the grant was birthed out of frustration and concern.

“Over the past four, five, six years we have been seeing the same trends in the data where African American males are being over-represented in student discipline, but also being underrepresented in advance courses such AP classes, talented and gifted,” CMS Behavior Support Specialist Edwin Wilson said.

The grant will start in ten high schools. The money will hire extra personnel to a take deep dive in what is causing the negative outcomes of African American male students in CMS.

“This allows us to have someone right on-site going in the classroom coaching teachers, supporting teachers, coaching administrators,” Wilson said.

The money will help teachers learn how to connect with African American males in the classroom so they can perform better academically.