Chart Of The Day: Obamacare Premium Increases For 2017 By State

By David Stockman

Average Monthly Premiums for Second-Lowest Cost Silver Plans for a 27-Year-Old (Before Tax Credits), 2016–2017

Source: Affordable Care Act Research



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  • NobodysaysBOO

    PRESIDENT TRUMP (wow sounds so so GOOD can’t stop writing the whole thing)
    Very neat having a REAL DEAL Prez after so many YEARS of CRAP in our white house,phycos and low energy golf bums.

    Take your time and get it right we are DYING out here from this garbage insurance scam.

    Throw the Mexicans off our dole and use that for comprehensive national health and life insurance, no more bankrupt insurance companies (FOR PROFIT then open another scam tomorrow) ,make them BOND their products.