Chicago Mobs and the Case For High Capacity Magazines

Mac Slavo
April 1st, 2013


Over the weekend, hundreds of teens joined forces to harass, mug and beat peaceful residents of the disarmed city of Chicago.

Things got pretty bad and very quickly, with a lot of innocent shoppers and tourists caught in the middle of a very chaotic situation.

In May of 2011, Tess Pennington warned of the rising epidemic of teenage flash mobsand noted how the trend would soon become even more dangerous as criminal gangs realized the potential for overwhelming law enforcement and having their way with large groups of individuals who have no means of protecting themselves:

It is a fact that when people’s basic needs are not met, they will act out.  Therefore, it is only a matter of time before these senseless acts of violence will not be limited to only misguided youth, but reach out to others who feel they need to take their own desperation into their hands.  Due to the recent increase in unemployment, and under stimulated economy there will be an increase in crime, and violent mob attacks are surely to increase.  That being said, what will the local and state police force do to deter these attacks?  Will they create a police state and place a police officer on every street corner? Is that what this is coming to?

Why not put the power back into each individuals hands?  While the teenage mobs are looting the stores, what were the witnesses doing?  Did they call the police, did they try and stop them or were they one of the many onlookers?  Instead of looking around and wondering what can be done, start taking personal responsibility for your city.

With advancements in mobile social media communication, mass mob attacks involving hundreds of people at once will spread, especially as those with criminal inclinations realize their potential.

Now, imagine a situation where you’re taking a leisurely stroll through the city with your family when you’re approached by dozens of mob-crazed individuals who have no qualms about robbing you or hurting those you love.

Police are powerless, because they show up after the fact, and even if they do get their as the situation is developing, there are way too many mobsters for law enforcement to get a handle on the situation before someone gets hurt.

So, how do you stop them?

Perhaps a pair of scissors as recommended by Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano?

Maybe try to talk them down and if that doesn’t work, just let them main or kill us, as one Second Amendment opponent recently suggested?

Or, perhaps we can hug it out?

Realistically, there is only ONE solution, and it requires that you have on your person multiple high capacity magazines and a semi-automatic weapon capable of discharging a hail of bullets in rapid succession.

If there were ever a case for why high capacity magazines belong in the holster belt of every American, the events in Chicago over the last two days are it.

Only the individual citizen, in real-time, will have any chance of protecting themselves in an active mob scenario.

When the bodies start hitting the floor you better believe mob members will think twice about pursuing their new found strategy of attacking innocent people. Moreover, those who are likely being empowered by the success of such mobs to go out and do the same in their own cities will reconsider the risks versus reward.

Chicago is a gun-free zone. It is also the murder capital of the United States, with over 500 killed last year. With law abiding citizens having been disarmed, there is nothing to stop brazen attacks like what happened this weekend from continuing, and spreading.

Put the power back in the hands of Americans.

Let the people arm themselves – heavily.

  • xxxxxxx

    Not “teens”. Blacks. BLACK SAVAGES.

    • Jim Hampton


      • ortasc

        My man you have nailed it! Way to go!

  • Rogoraeck

    So! If they kill or maim some people, so what? After all they are only goyim! The chosenite always have powerful automatic assault weapons at hand!

  • Hayden Juice

    This has been happening for years. Always youths, teens, youngsters……

    Nobody is falling for it anymore. The jewish problem and the nigger problem are one in the same; 2 different species of kinky haired parasites feeding on their host until it shit-kicks them right into the garbage heap where they belong.

    Worse is better.

  • 3lit3

    I say set an example. Bait them, a lot of them in one area and drop every one of them. Put that on the local news.
    That would end this BS quick.

    • ortasc

      The federal game wardens would probably try to arrest you for baiting the hunting field.

  • Ezra Pound

    The cities should be walled off and flattened with the kind of strategic carpet boming employed against the innocent civilians of Germany in 1944. Cities are the geographic source of 90% of Americas problems, starting with NYC and Washington DC. Eliminate these centers of pestilence and America could potentially turn itself around.

    • ortasc

      Just let the white people out first

  • exLeftist

    You have to wonder why the liberal media refuses to identify these mobs as black yet they show footage telling us the mobs are black.

    • ortasc

      There is no wondering to this. If you are not black then the fact you were attacked is irrelavent

  • Dave4088

    When whites commit crimes against non-whites the media shouts race from the rooftops. Yet when violent blacks and other non-whites behave badly then suddenly race is unimportant and there is no such thing as race. The police, especially in dual citizen Rahm Emmanuel’s Chicago, are so undermanned and hamstrung by political correctness that they’re almost useless. At some point, whites will need to organize and begin shooting negro flash mobsters on sight and send a clear message to the smarmy negro savages of the inner cities.

    And Tess Pennington can spare us the bullshit about flash mobsters basic needs not being met which is cause for the mobbing. Most of these animals are collecting welfare, food stamps and medicaid, so they are getting more than their basic needs met. This is just pure anti-white hatred and pure animalism.

  • Mariner33

    Truth in advertising: Change signs from: “No Guns Allowed. Gun Free Zone to: No Legal Guns Allowed. Legal Gun Free Zone. Criminals, Proceed As Usual.”

  • JoeG

    Unfortunately, the situation will get much worse. The US government is accelerating the immigration of black Africans. There are a billion blacks in Africa, and most want to come here. .

    • ortasc

      Yeah Obama’s whole family wants to move in.

  • Larry Klein

    Yeah, those whacky teens at it again causing “mischief.” I picture Eddie Haskel probably soaping windows and toilet papering trees on Michigan Avenue.

  • edgar freindly

    not only high capacity magazines and semiautomatic firearms would be useful. Since these animals use technology (text messaging) to plan their flash mobs; as such this info can be intercepted. A group of citizens/with local sheriffs could station themselves on roof tops ahead of time. 55 gallon drums of gasoline could be situated in the area of the proposed flash mob activity. When the subhuman troglodytes show up; puncture the gasoline drums with rifle shots; then shoot a flare into the puddle of gasoline the criminal vermin are now standing in. Shoot to kill out of mercy. Do this in six different areas of America: Flash mob problem solved.

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