BREAKING: China Sends Warships & 1000 Marines to Syria, Accuses the U.S. of lying About Syria And Ignoring International Laws. Russia Sends another Amphibous Assault Ship. Turkey Sends More Troops to Syria Border

Report: Russia sends another navy ship towards Syria

MOSCOW – Russia is sending its large landing ship Nikolai Filchenkov towards the Syrian coast, state news agency Interfax quoted a navy source as saying on Friday.

Western naval sources reported Friday that a Chinese landing craft, the Jinggangshan, with a 1,000-strong marine battalion had reached the Red Sea en route for the Mediterranean off Syria.

China is accusing the U.S. of lying about Syria. They say the U.S. has made a mess of Iraq and Afghanistan. They wrote it was the Rebels that committed the chemical attack and the U.S is ignoring that fact as they want war for political reasons.



Report: China Sends Warships to Coast of Syria

U.S. Already Has Military Forces Well Within Range For A Syrian Strike

Turkey sends more troops to Syria border


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  • Kepano24

    won’t be long now…maybe, just maybe, odumbass is setting us up for invasion……if he starts a war over there, then it gives russia and china excuse to invade us? Makes a little sense with all the ak74/47 magazines and ammo our gov is buying up…not that they would need it.

    • Patriot Freedom

      Totally agree. Only people who still get their news from Faux News to MSNBC could disagree with this because they have not researched the facts.

    • JF311

      More likely, the ammo is being purchased to keep supplies low for the general public and use against dissenters. Don’t forget about the military grade tanks being given to police forces around the U.S., even in Mayberry type settings. All of this is being done to intimidate the public as surveillance and police state tactics continue to increase.

      • steve Fowler

        Well said…the GD police forces acting like paramilitary is what gets me…and this all happened in the last 25 years…we are so damn close to a police state it isn’t even funny…and yet 53% of Americans sit on their asses watching american idol or dancing with the stars or reading about the kardashians.

      • George King

        Actually this may turn out to be a good thing as people wake up and these would fall into the hands of those (American Patriots against Marshall law attempts). Cookies Nuland and company have shown the true ineptness of their propaganda against the best interest of the American people.

    • NathanJames

      Yeah your right our govt wants to give up the most power any nation holds!! Not like the ammo there buying up and everything they else could be used to scare off would be invaders! I mean half of our country has guns and even more because or govt fakes talking about taking them ensuring more guns and ammo are bought! Imagine invading a country where half of 360 million people own a firearm! Now our states have a military like presence! Hey maybe your right maybe they wnna throw everything away. Or maybe your wrong and our country could fight the entire world without our military!! Who knows. Right?

  • Drdetroitdanchap

    SAINT JOHN Kerry , The TRUTH TELLER of Viet Nam who ever so courageously exposed the Crimes of his fellow Americans ….So where is SAINT JOHN now that HIS ALLIES are elbow deep in the blood of INNOCENTS !!!???
    Warmongering Hypocrites:Obama,Boehner,Graham and McCain Will Send Troops to Syria While Refusing to Deploy Soldiers to Secure Our Border With Mexico. The Real National Security Threat.

    • Jeffery Hays Black

      Good ole Skull n Bonesmen all…

    • George King

      Are you talking about neocon neoliberal John “Benedict Arnold Corporations” Kerry? Yes one and the same in the collaboration of Nuts McCain as chief spokesman for US with ISIS. McCain wails on the floor of the Senate against the destruction of CIA and neocon backed terrorist by Russian bombing and it appears to be in vain against a international legal response.

  • lucille rothstein

    I think the world is tired of our Governments B.S. What can we do? We all know that our government is lying and they are conspiring not only against these people, but against us too! I think we are about to get into a third world war. They will want your sons and daughters to go and fight for them. You are NOT patriotic by being stupid and going along with it. Just because they play commercials on TV with smiling people being in the armed forces, or recruitment adevertisements with men looking brave jumping out of planes or whatever scheme they will use to get you to feel teary eyed and patriotic. With the flag waving in the background. It’s BS and it’s wrong, don’t let them take your sons, they will have them die so that they’re big corporations will make billions of dollars in profit and you will have your son come back in a body bag. Mind you they will give you a flag, hopefully not made in China. Don’t send your children off to fight for these zionist pigs who sit around playing poker while they are discussing the lives and deaths of people. Remember it was people like insane McCain who wanted a 1000 year war. That’s a thousand years! These people are insane and they want you to get in on the insanity.

    • Bruce Wayne

      If we arrest obama, Kerry, Clinton and Holder we might be able to avert a huge war. Treason would be the charge as well as Lying to world bodies and inciting civil wars throughout the middle east and mexico

      • Goku

        that would be a nice idea but majority of Americans are naive and is blind by the concept of fame and money at the moment.

      • Shuler Causnick

        Maybe arrest the above people to find out who are the powers that push them, and then, after showing their names and faces, arrest those shadow government people who are creating this virtual hell on our beautiful planet. Don’t kill them, put them in cages for the rest of their lives, from where they can watch a free and peaceful world happily exist without them. Or, for the blood-thirsty, just send them to some hellhole in Syria or Iraq or Ukraine without ID, cell phone, access to money or any weapons.

    • Jeffery Hays Black

      A 1000 year war? You sound very disturbed.

    • Joe Davis

      If there is a Heaven, then it is full of all peoples, Atheists, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Gays…nearly everyone. But if there is a Hell, it is full of Nazis, Islamic Terrorists, and the Banks who created them.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Lying to the American people in an effort to start a very dangerous war is more than High treason..and even China now is backing the charge of Lying on the part of Obama’s administration about Syria as well as Libya and what has happened in Egypt…………..Americans need to stand up and demand that our military arrest Obama and his minions

    • Mathius Johnson

      It’s about time the Americans overthhrow the government!

    • Jeffery Hays Black

      I agree….Lets have a march on Washington and throw…ummm the bums out.

      • Travis Devereux

        Thats what your country is based upon by the good name of god! what in blue blazes do you think will stop them? writing a strongly worded letter on your ballot vote for your representative? We need to fight back. This country is based on laws, laws that provide strict adherence to individual liberty, and we have every right to fight back against unjust leadership, total advances towards tyranny, and dictatorship. I recommend you research the NDRP (National Defense Resource Preparedness), which is extremely broad legislation , brought into law by executive order, highlighting that your own government can take any resource in the country, whether its your garden fruits or a companies oil, and use it in peacetime or war for national defense.

  • steve Fowler

    Wow, Obama has stumbled us into this mess by his red line comment like the village drunk.

  • barry oldwater

    If the U.S. does not attack along with France within the next two weeks, Syria will supposedly do something to Turkey and Turkey will call upon Nato to attack Syria, either way get ready for it, all these troops and equipment didn’t get moved to where they are not to be used. The worlds economy is not good, populations numbers are up, a good long war is what these people want to reset things and the drama in Syria is what they will use to make it happen.

  • Rhonda Clark

    Dear God Help us, China, Russia, and Turkey is going to KILL USA/ ISREAL, GOG and MAGOG = ARMEGETION..

  • Rhonda Clark

    Could anyone copy this and put on Fox News, and CNN, ESPN ABC CBS NEWS, I DO NOT KNOW HOW,

  • anonymous

    You are right Lucille, the world is tired of your Government…. (part of the world at least, the other one doesn’t care or is watching miley cirus twerking)
    I will never forget what USA government has done to the world since the 2nd world war and I will pass it on to make sure no one forgets about.

  • Joe Davis

    The price of freedom isn’t
    free. Sometimes the price is to be made uncomfortable by someone else’s
    speech. Sometimes it is to be in harms way. The price for being free
    does not come cheap. Let the terrorists do their worst. A free people do
    not give up liberties to be kept safe. They are not terrorized into
    distorting their convictions, or to violate human rights here, or
    abroad. Everyone dies. If anyone dies for my freedom it will be me. Not
    an 18 year old kid in uniform, not a terrified family in a distant place
    getting their door kicked in. Own your freedom and your fear. A conscientious
    objector was detained in an English jail cell for a disorderly charge.
    The guard lamented, “If more people were like you, Hitler would be in
    London by the weekend.” The objector replied, “If more people were like
    me, Hitler wouldn’t have an army to invade anyone.”

  • Hamza

    Good thing I’m a disabled Vet , no way I want any part of what is about to happen !