CHINA: H7N9 Outbreak to Potentially Become Deadliest in History with Over 20% Mortality Rate

H7N9 bird flu is a ‘serious threat’ – researchers warn

The outbreak of a new type of bird flu in China poses a “serious threat” to human health, but it is still too soon to predict how far it will spread, experts have said.

Of the 126 people known to be infected so far, 24 have died, with many more still severely ill in hospital.

The H7N9 virus has not, however, yet proved able to spread between people – which limits its global threat.

With over a 20% mortality rate, the H7N9 could be the new threat that globalist opportunists will be sure to extort.

BEIJING: The deadly H7N9 bird flu strain claimed a new victim on Monday when a hospital patient died in China, state media reported, bringing the death toll from the recently identified virus to 24.

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H7N9 is genetically a `bird flu’, but one of the ongoing mysteries in the H7N9 outbreak in China is how – with more than 125 people infected – only 46 positive virus samples have been detected out of nearly 70,000 tests conducted on poultry and their environment.

Deadly GM flu research that could ‘wipe out significant portion of humanity’ set to restart

  • Flu experts overturn self-imposed ban on creating mutant firms of the H5N1 bird flu virus
  • They claim the risky research is needed to prepare in case it naturally mutates to human transmissible form
  • But leading experts condemn decision to restart research into genetically modified versions of the virus
  • Humans can only currently catch H5N1 from infected birds, but when they do it is usually fatal

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