Carlin: Wall Street Owns Washington



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China Has Been Positioning Itself As The Reserve Currency By Purchasing Gold, They Have Now Passed India As The Largest Gold Holder.

China has been positioning itself as the reserve currency by purchasing gold, they have now passed India as the largest gold holder. The UK wants all citizens to produce their finances on a public register. The President is being pressured by government officials to take down the Obamacare website because of the Belarus connection. The Geneva II talks are going no where and the propaganda against Assad is building for a false flag event to remove Assad. The Government is contemplating if to kill American citizens with drones if they believe they have terrorist associations.

  • wendy

    If the Govt is going to kill US citizens if they are linked with terrorists, this means that the present admin is going to all get hit. Oh, though BO is not a US Citizen, but the
    rest are.

  • Commonknowledge

    That means nothing, you can’t eat gold!

    • Pravda01

      Americans already eat sh*t.

    • sallyho3000 .

      Of course not. I think we should all be thinking about ways to establish local RELATIONSHIPS. Relationships with neighbors, colleagues, farmers, the guy down the street who keeps ten chickens. It is entirely possible to live quite well outside of the current socioeconomic paradigm, but it requires the development of localized economies and currencies (if you will, for the purpose of third-party transactions); something from which we had subtly been discouraged for generations.

  • Commonknowledge

    The Chinese people are in dire poverty and have very little natural resources. People think these economic times will be like the great depression, and they are not. America has natural resources even tho we have little gold. Gold and silver will be worthless.

    • Pravda01

      You should write the American people are in dire poverty and have no freedom whatsoever.

      America has natural resources but it cost a lot to access them and American morons are not even capable to do so. The Dollar and the American life style (McDonalds etc.) is worthless – I agree.

      • sallyho3000 .

        Unfortunately, the “gold standard” will further impoverish both the people and, by proxy, the culture of America. You left out the part where Clinton effectively auctioned off public forestlands under the auspices of the UNs “sustainability” push. Public lands (so-called) and natural resources do not belong to, nor benefit THE PEOPLE, as they are the collateral assets of the CORPORATION of the United States, NOT owned by the public. There has been speculation recently about the ‘coup that is coming,’ or the “coup that was 9/11,’ or the ‘coup that was the tandem Kennedy assassinations,’ but what about the US bankruptcy that ACTUALLY ended the “Great Depression?” What about the coup where our GOV folded on it’s debts to the City of London (acquired post War of 1814), in the mid-1930s after the FED had effectively collapsed the value of US currency THROUGH the gold standard, which was used, imo to purposely contract the ‘money supply’ in such a way as to completely destroy the socio-cultural fabric of US society, which was, according to grandparents, etc. a much more community-oriented, help-your-neighbor-cause-one-day-you-might-need-help-yourself, non-interventionist, live-and-let-live type of scenario. The US bankruptcy/insolvency coup was the setup for a fascist government and slave society. The difficulty was that Americans had to get dumber to accept the terms of the arrangement, and… now here we are. However, I agree with your statements, I just think that the bigger pictures, of late, are what we all should be looking at, historical context is absent from much of the discussions I find, on this site and elsewhere.