China ‘heading for social revolution’

China is heading for a social revolution, according to Fidelity fund manager Anthony Bolton.

Mr Bolton is one of Britain’s most famous fund managers, having earned investors in his Fidelity UK Special Situations fund an average of 20pc a year for 27 years.

He stepped down in 2010 to launch a China-focused investment trust for Fidelity, but performance was disappointing.

He is confident of turning around the situation and remains bullish about the prospects for the country and its stock market.

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“There is a new generation of internationally educated, internet-informed individuals who will push for reforms,” he said. “They are aware of the realities of their country and their government in a way that no previous generation has been. The people will want a say.”…/Investors-in-China-should-be-wary-of-revolution.html


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