CHINA IS ON FIRE: China Orders Troops And Tanks To North Korean Border, Deploys Anti Aircraft Carrier Missiles Off Cost Of Taiwan, Sends More Than 40 Fighter Jet To Senkaku Islands, And Warns Philippines To Immediately Withdraw From Disputed Islands

China Orders Troops and Tanks to North Korean Border

China is reportedly beefing up its military presence on the North Korean border amid heightening tensions in the region.

The troop mobilisation is said to be taking place along with deployment of dozens of tanks in the strategically important border region with North Korea, which is separated by the Yalu River.

The Chinese military is on high alert over the ongoing tensions in the Korean Peninsula.


China has deployed near Taiwan a powerful missile designed to take out US aircraft carriers as Beijing strengthens its ability to prevent US forces from aiding Taiwan during potential conflict.

The deployment of the DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile comes as China’s army develops greater long-range and offensive capabilities. Those advances pose a challenge to US forces as Washington looks to build up its military presence in east Asia to balance out China’s rising might.

The DF-21D missile is a particular worry for Taiwan as it relies on US forces to back it up against threats from the mainland, which has not renounced the use of force to take the island it regards as part of its territory.

The missile limits the US’s ability to send aircraft carriers into the strait unchallenged to support Taipei, as it did in 1996 when China conducted missile tests in the strait during the run-up to the island’s first democratic election. Taiwan itself has no aircraft carriers.

China warns Philippines to immediately withdraw from disputed islands
“The Philippine side is trying to use this to negate China’s territorial sovereignty and attach a veneer of ‘legality’ to its illegal occupation of Chinese islands and reefs,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement on its website ( Philippines must immediately withdraw personnel and facilities from the islands, the ministry added, listing those which it said Manila was occupying.
Manila asked the tribunal of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) to order a halt to China’s activities. But the convention did not apply in this case as what the Philippines was actually asking for was a decision on sovereignty, the ministry said.“China’s refusal to accept the Philippines’ request for arbitration has full grounding in international law,” it said.



Chinese fighter jets swarming near Senkaku islands
TOKYO: Chinese military planes, mostly fighter jets, made more than 40 flights close to Tokyo-controlled islands at the centre of a territorial dispute on a single day this week, a press report said Saturday.The flights took place on Tuesday, when eight Chinese marine surveillance ships entered the 12-nautical-mile territorial zone off the islands in the East China Sea, which Japan calls the Senkakus and China calls the Diaoyus, the Sankei Shimbun newspaper reported.
“It was an unprecedented threat,” one of the officials was quoted as saying.

If China wants a war….Then they can have a war !

if I cant win no one can!


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  • Edward Buchman

    Ready for the draft people?

    • teargarden20

      That would be awesome. For inscription here in the USAcorp would be a COMPLETE DISASTER! Talk about sabotage from within! Try & make these “last generations” obey orders & make them serve a totalitarian police state & they will destroy it from within! Their is a reason they have an ALL VOLUNTEER MILITARY!

    • Oracle

      Japan made a mistake in going to war with the US and the US allow them so that they can finally use their A-bomb experimentally …with further study .Hope china won’t make a mistake in taking the bait …don’t be stupid! or else you’ll be the next lab rats MOJO .think hard!!!

  • Bree Vee

    Here we go. We put all our money into their country and let them take all the jobs away from us. Now they have all the money and the power. They built up their forces enough that they will be our biggest threat. Way to go! Keep buying those cheap China made goods so they can buy more military equipment to use against us.

    • 69Chiwowwa

      Agreed, unfortunately chinese crap is all that is available even in so called American made cars. Sad.

  • Ace^USMC

    the elite BANKSTERS set this whole thing up!!

    pump up the underdog while detracting from the champ. Make it a more even match..

    More destruction… More Vulture Capital Profit after the war

  • Old China Hand

    Having lived in both Taiwan and Mainland China for a total of just over 20 years until last year, I can tell you this: The Mainland and Taiwan are co-operating very nicely, thank you very much. Their economic needs compliment each other. And besides family ties between the two, hey share a 5,000-year-old continuous culture which they are very proud of. If I remember correctly, last year more than a million Mainlanders visited Taiwan as tourists and they can now go there as individual tourists, not just in groups. And something like hundreds of thousands of Taiwanese live semi-permanently on the Mainland, mostly running businesses. Taiwanese students are even attending Mainland universities now. So, get real with what you imagine about that part of the world. In a Chinese New Year message to Taiwan in, I think, 1996, Mainland China’s Jiang Zemin said, “Chinese do not hit Chinese.” Enough said.

  • Old China Hand

    Concerning the disputed Diaoyu islands (ownership disputed between Mainland China and Japan and between Taiwan and Japan), there is one key point which many people are unaware of: The Diaoyu islands were part of the Japanese occupied territories that they agreed to give back to China when the Japanese signed their surrender in 1945. Taiwan had been occupied by Japan since 1895 when China lost a war with Japan and this was handed back to China. At that time, for a brief 3 years, Mainland China and Taiwan were combined under the Nationalist government of China, under Chiang Kai Shek. But China was also in a state of civil war at that time. The Nationalsts lost to the Communists under Mao Zedong and they retreated to Taiwan. So, both Taiwan & Mainland China claim sovereignty over the Diaoyu islands. Under Deng XiaoPing, Japan & Mainland China agreed to “let future generations decide the question of sovereignty over the islands” and both sides agreed to not push the matter. Then, just a few years ago, Japan started getting pushy (I wonder why, wink, wink), which has forced Beijing to respond.

    • Kevin John Hughes

      Good post.
      This is the Sudeteland all over again.Certain areas of Greater Germany were taken after WW1 by the corrupt allies.Germany was told and it is in the treaty of Versailles that they would return after 15 years…….but you guessed it,they lied.
      Hitler took them back.



    • Archie1954

      As long as it stays within its area of influence (Asia) it can do as it pleases. The US should take a hint and stay out of China’s area.

  • onooop

    when the illegal aliens get amnesty, they better sign up for the draft!

  • Sueychop

    If the Taiwanese were smart they’d assure the Chinese they will not rely on the U.S. Otherwise, they won’t survive the war that is coming. Japan will be nuked out of existence.

    • Kevin John Hughes

      Japan is already dead………….Fukishima.
      If I were you i’d carry on having some sueychop!!

  • carnac123

    If any time is ripe for a Chinese move in the far east it is now while the idiot socialist is president. America is bankrupt thanks to obama who is an enemy. We have an enemy as our president. He has more in common with the Chinese than he does us. We will try to stem the Chinese tide in the area but all they have to do is threaten to call in the money we owe them and we will not do anything. Taiwan is in more danger than it ever was. Obama will not protect her.