China Owns 60 % Manhattan New York

China owns 60 % of South Manhattan New York.

China invests $1 billion in New York City

By Emily Lodish, Global Post

Chinese companies and entrepreneurs have quietly invested $1 billion in New York City over the last year.

In the process, they have snagged parts of major city icons, like the Empire State Building and the Tappan Zee bridge.

China buying up the United States – CHEAP

Just google here….



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  • MPrck

    Smart move, their using near worthless F.R.N’s to buy real assets. The Fed can only stand by an watch. Of course taking possession is another story, but it exists. For the working stiffs like myself does it matter if the Neanderthals own it, or the Chi-Coms ? Sadly I don’t think I fare well with either.

  • thomas

    USA will be renamed to “New China”

    • Andre Gillies

      More like “New Chork”

  • rawiron1

    My China real estate stock returned 100% profit last year. Maybe I should not have cashed in so soon.

  • janos

    New Amsterdam…New York…New Beijing…Works for me.

  • T.j. Thomas

    What gets me about this is that this is the way free market capitalism would work…sell to the highest bidder…and yet the folks who yell the loudest about the free market and deregulation are the first to get upset and call for regulations when it’s China doing the buying.

  • CGB

    As MPrck says, slightly modified to what my brother used to say when the panic was over Japan buying up every thing. “If you don’t occupy it, you don’t own it.