China’s Central Bank Holding Americans Hostage


I travel around the world to uncover stories that impact Capitol Hill. Often, the most important stories need an outsider’s perspective to understand them. This week, I spoke at conference called FreedomFest 2013. This conference included some of the greatest strategic thinkers in the world, and several had chilling comments about China.

Jim Rogers, Steve Forbes, Alex Green, Mark Skousen, Joseph Farah, and Bert Dohmen are just a few of the thinkers who shared their insights about investments and governance in a world of increasing risk. I deeply value the opinions of the unique minds attending FreedomFest. And this year, an important trend has emerged. This trend is influencing events that will impact your life and your investments…

The collected voices share a great fear about what lies directly ahead for China. China’s central bank responded aggressively to the financial crisis of 2008. It responded with liquidity and easy money. And this flood of easy money has helped produce an incredible array of malinvestment. (Austrian School economists developed the concept of malinvestment to explain the consequences of a central bank providing too much monetary stimulus.)

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