Chinese dissident suddenly dies in jail, his heart and brain removed

Heart, Brain of Chinese Dissident Removed Amid Suspicions Over Cause of Death

The family of dissident Peng Ming, who died suddenly on Nov. 29 in a Chinese jail, say his heart and brain were taken from his body without their consent and that the authorities are obstructing their return to the country.

Peng Ming died suddenly at the age of 58 in Hubei’s Xianning Prison, while serving a life sentence for “terrorism.” The authorities said he collapsed and “died suddenly” while watching television, and his U.S.-based relatives have demanded an independent autopsy.

However, the authorities have yet to specify a cause of death, merely writing “sudden death” on his death certificate.

His sister Peng Xing said the family had undergone “non-stop” negotiations with prison authorities for four days, after which the authorities had agreed to issue visas to four of Peng’s relatives to attend the funeral.

“However, something unexpected happened on Dec. 5; the relevant departments dissected Peng Ming’s body against the family members’ will and took away his brain and heart,” she wrote in an open letter posted on the website of the Christian rights group ChinaAid.

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This is so barbaric.

Yes, organ transplantation is big business in China. The government sponsors it.

“He had founded the banned China Development Union (CDU), an intellectual and environment research group that advocated moderate democratic reform and a more eco-friendly economic model.”

He fled to the US with his family, but went to Thailand to visit his parents in 2004 and was kidnapped there by the Chinese Communist Party and tried in China in 2005. He was serving a life sentence in China at the time of his sudden death. He was found guilty of “organizing and leading a terrorist organization,” “kidnapping,” and “possessing counterfeit money.”

At present 38 journalists are behind bars in China.



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