Chinese & Indian Military CLASH At Border! – Multiple Injuries During STANDOFF

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent clash between Chinese and Indian military. The two countries have been locked in an impasse in the Doklam area, which borders China, India and Bhutan. This is near the Himalayan border by Pangong Tso, an area long disputed and claimed by India which has seen military involvement going back to 1962.

There were rocks and stones thrown back and forth and many injuries on both sides were reported.

While this is shocking to many considering the collaboration between China and India in a globalist monetary power grab and incremental push towards a global cashless society which has been unveiled most notably in the past year, this is nothing anyone should immediately worry about. It is far from likely that this will lead to a war.

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Russia and the United States often have close calls. China shot in the direction of a US military vessel in the South China Seas recently as well. There are regular “civil” threats between countries, but the action is minimal and is a regular part of the statist “security” of nations.

The disputed territories throughout the world have not led to all out war for quite a few years outside of Africa and perhaps Ukraine. In fact, our friend here at WAM Vit Jedlicka claimed disputed territory between Croatia and Serbia leading to the creation of The Free Republic of Liberland. Perhaps he needs to claim this land by Nepal and bring peace to the region! Though he’ll need boats as this dispute largely consists of a lake. But we have faith in him! Annex this lake and create a floating Venice-like voluntaryist society sir!


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