Chinese soccer fan, 26, dies after going ELEVEN nights without sleep as he watched every single Euro 2012 match

  • Time difference means matches are played in the middle of the night
  • Jiang Xiaoshan would then go and do a full day’s work the next day
  • Sources said drinking and smoking weakened his immune system
  • He was supporting England and France in the tournament

A Chinese football fan died after going 11 nights without sleep as he tried to watch every single kick of the ball of Euro 2012.

Jiang Xiaoshan, said to be supporting England and France in the tournament, died of exhaustion on Tuesday morning.

Because of the time difference, he reportedly stayed up each night with friends and then went to work the following day.

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Following the Ireland versus Italy match, said he went back to his Changsha home at 5am on Tuesday, had a shower, fell asleep and never woke up.

Friends said the news of his death came as a shock, as he lived a ‘relatively healthy life’, and had played football for his university team just a couple of years before.


Jiang Xiaoshan watched:

* 21 matches of live Euro 2012 action

* That equates to 1,890 minutes of football

* Saw a total of 51 goals

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