Civil War to Erupt in American Streets


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  • Faris Mee

    What goes around comes around. Enjoy. We will.

  • eric swan

    Agreed except for one thing. To attribute any sort of power to Obama is a serious mistake. Obama is a velvet tongued nothing. A step and fetch it. A toy boy. A plaything of the elite!

  • Rod Miller-Boyer

    A lot of what you’re saying seems increasingly obvious to growing numbers of Americans. However, I wonder why you (and almost everyone else I’ve read on the subject) keeps referring to what’s now rapidly developing as a “civil war.” This seems incorrect to me, both connotatively and denotatively.

    It’s incorrect connotatively, in the sense that it calls to mind an earlier civil war in which the feds were (arguably) fighting on behalf of individual liberty by fighting to end slavery.

    “Civil war” as a term for the coming conflagration is surely the way the oligarchs prefer to view it for another reason too. It makes it sound like half the country will be fighting on their side, in defense of the openly criminal global oligarchs and their central banking fraudster enablers, so the psychopathic elite may continue to murder, steal from, and enslave the rest of us with unthreatened impunity.

    I understand the pompous fossils of a bygone era needing to imagine that half the torches and pitchforks waving outside the castle walls are there to protect them… but, it seems unlikely to me that 50, 30, 10 or even 5% of their victims will rise to save the lives of their oppressors.

    In a “civil war” large armies face each other in a bloody contest to secure military control. This is not likely here, although the .01% kleptocracy hopes we believe it long enough to buy them a little more time to get out of Dodge.

    When an awakened 99% rises up against a criminally psychopathic oligarchy, it is called Revolution, not civil war.

  • paddy

    You are missing the reason behind the government actions. Read the speech by Jim Traficant to the house of representatives.
    America has been operating in bankruptcy ( chapter 11 ) since 1933.
    The “Administration” – a British legal term for “receivership” has failed.
    Just like any other corporation the next step is repossession. The repo man is coming – heavily armed.

    The English (not British) crown owns America (contract was pre-union of the crowns). They lent the money to colonize the Americas (Canada is included) and there is over 400 years of compound interest. The debt can never by repaid.
    So they are coming to repossess it and probably sell parts or all of it. Hawaii and Alaska are good bets.
    Alaska was bought from Russia when Russia needed money. Maybe they will buy it back.
    Hawaii will most likely go to China. China can set up factories there closer to America to make plastic flamingos for Americans to put on their lawns.

  • trigon400

    “Civil war” means one faction trying to take control of a government.
    Those who resist a tyranny won’t be trying to control the government, they’ll just be resisting its domination & abuse by it.

  • Occams

    A couple of observations, one addressed in the v-log.

    Ron Paul was NOT electable – and was “dangerous”, because he would not swear fealty to the Great Zion Banking Nation, and went after one of their emissaries – The ‘Federal’ Reserve (the proverbial den of vipers), and so was labeled “a kook” for MSM-distribution to a fluoride-dumbed nation, of which (still) 80% of American believe is “the truth”. Thus, 80% of Americans simply aren’t smart enough to vote for someone that has/had a PROVEN record, but they WILL cast their votes for PROVEN LIARS?


    Lo and behold, Dr. Paul’s ideas on foreign policy, for which he was labeled “dangerous” have proven that all the wars he called for an end to, were, in fact, illegal invasions over manufactured evidence (Is anyone charged? Of course not). It was once called “Empire Building”. Now it is invasion for resources, and, I believe, mostly to set up a Central Bank. Look how fast Iraq got an IMF Central Bank. Notice that all of the countries we’re invading have NO IMF-influence? Interesting, isn’t it?

    Rand Paul, HOWEVER, recently visited Israel, and obviously swore an oath to the Money King, and has – NOT ONCE – ever uttered a word against the banking cartel and the Federal Reserve – so he would make a “good president” – for which he IS being ‘groomed’.

    To further witness the collusion and fraud (you WILL NOT change anything from the inside), “several congressman have questioned the Constitutionality of killing US citizens, ON AMERICAN SOIL, with no due process”. Just the utterance of one government agency or another seals your fate.

    To “question” means that you have already committed treason, because the mere mention of any plan to do so violates just about everything we are, so unless one of these clowns stands up and says: “Mr. President, you are in direct violation of the US Constitution and your oath of office, so unless you retreat immediately from this position, you will be so charged”.

    Not a peep. Of course, little on his other direct violations, either, so basically, he IS a king (official “food taster”? Think he’s figured out yet just how unpopular he really is?). Congress has simply balked and given the president (and his masters) unquestionable rule. Just dog-and-pony-show stuff for the press and the Amerikan idiot.

    HOWEVER, while there IS a “growing number of Americans waking up”, I’d say 80%+ are still quite asleep. While mildly surprised that more people I talk to – and reading Craigslist’s Rants & Raves, are actually and finally waking up, I still talk to sooooo many who seriously believe “things are getting better”, or “the economy is finally rebounding”, AND HAVE NO CLUE WHAT NDAA IS, DHS arming up, etc. My only answer to this stupidity is the quote; “If you’re not afraid, you’re not paying attention”.

    And I offer up the percentage of those STILL obsessed with iPhone purchases, Hollywood insanity, fashion, and ‘having new toys’, is to look below: How many comments? How many ‘thumbs up’?

    Now, swing over to Yahoo ‘fashion’. Thumbs up number in the THOUSANDS. Most people don’t know that sites like this exist, don’t WANT to know sites like this exist, or simply – as I have read – believe that if it’s doesn’t come from MSM it’s a “conspiracy theory”.

    “Conspiracy Theory”. The brainwashing with that One Single Phrases has worked remarkably well, has it not?

    It’s soooo weird, huh? That it’s actually come to this. That people are ACTUALLY talking about taking back the Republic. It blows me away. It’s a very weird feeling, not knowing what will happen, what MIGHT happen, when or if it could start, where do you go, what do you do…….. Anyone ‘planning’ on any given scenario will find that, like combat, plans generally turn to shit in the first 30 seconds, and it’s then it’s just adapting and improvising, because if the shit DOES hit the fan, Obama will pull the plug on this (Internet Kill Switch. Don’t believe there is one? hahahaha), and probably, most means of comms, period.

    That protest in SF over the shooting of that guy with the BART-cop? Cops shut down the cell network in that entire area so people could not communicate and organize.

    Interesting times……