Clinton-Appointed Judge Dismisses RICO Case Against Clintons

Just a reminder that January 20th was supposed to be the start of the RICO trial against the Clintons…..

Today, as predicted by many in the media who have been following this case, Klayman v. Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation (15-cv-80388 S.D. Fla), a federal judge appointed to the bench by President Bill Clinton, dismissed a lawsuit, filed under the Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”) and other causes of action, which was based on the Clintons’ acceptance of money from foreign and other donors in exchange for favors while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. In addition to filing suit,

Dismissal court docs…..

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation are asking a federal judge in Florida to toss out a conservative legal activist’s lawsuit claiming the former secretary of state used her private email account and the promise of changes in U.S. foreign policy to shake people down for speaking fees and donations to the foundation.

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It was all set to go to trial this week, what a travesty…..

A trial date of Jan. 20, 2016, has been set for a racketeering lawsuit filed against Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and their non-profit Clinton Foundation, former federal prosecutor Larry Klayman, who launched the suit this week, has revealed to Newsmax TV.

Klayman never got to depose them, another Clinton-appointed judge blocked it.

A federal judge has blocked a conservative activist’s plans to force presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton to testify in depositions stemming from a lawsuit claiming the Clinton Foundation operated as a racketeering enterprise shaking down donors in exchange for official favors.




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