CLINTON Has Speech For YOU But Another For ELITE! FBI Has One Set Of Laws For YOU But Another For CLINTON! TRUMP IS ONE FOR ALL!

by Pamela Williams

After reading some of the speeches WIKILEAKS just released on Hillary Clinton…speeches she did not want WE THE PEOPLE to see…I realize Hillary lives in a world where she makes and breaks the law. While WE THE PEOPLE try to abide by the law, we watch as a Presidential candidate is confused as to what that law is.

In fact, we have watched in shock as the FBI breaks Federal Law while investigating Hillary Clinton breaking Federal Law as Secretary of State of the United States of America. The FBI has one rule of investigation for YOU, while they have another for Hillary Clinton. The FBI destroyed itself as a Federal Agency, so Hillary Clinton could get off scot free! I have to give that a big WTF!

Lets talk about the “man-talk” video the Clinton Mafia released on our Republican candidate, Donald Trump, that was actually made back in 2005. You know…locker room stuff or “cigar-talk” stuff…”man-cave” stuff…that is how I see it. I don’t speak that language, but I have a sneaky suspicion my husband might in conversation with the boys. Do you think I am making light of the 2005 Donald Trump cheap video? Yes, I am, because at least Trump shows his bad side right along with his good.

The Hillary “Elite” do not try to defend him…they just turn on him. This tells me Trump is more like you and me than the ELITE in America like Hillary and Bill Clinton. Is it not rich that the Clinton Mafia releases this crap on Trump when Bill Clinton is impeached for ACTUALLY BEING with Monica Lewinksy in the House of We the People? When confronted Bill lies out of it, but, alas, he is busted!

Trump does not try to lie out of anything, and I just read Melania is very upset with the tape. However, Trump did apologize on National TV, and as far as I am concerned I accept his apology. He is our only hope, and down-to-earth decent Americans know this.

If Hillary Clinton wins the race for the White House we will have someone who wants to dissolve the United States of America. She wants no borders around our Country…she wants one world government. We will die, folks…we will die…our precious Country will be no more.



Reading through these speeches, it is easy to see why she refused to release them. In one speech Clinton talked about her “dream,” but in reality it’s more like a nightmare.

“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders,” she said.

Feel those chills going down your spine? That’s realization that Clinton’s economic policies are far worse than anything we could have imagined — and she’s very close to becoming our next president.