by Pamela Williams

WikiLeaks continues to show the world Hillary Clinton’s true colors and her cold cold heart. Benghazi is a tragedy that shocked America, as we saw and heard of the brutal murders of four of our own in Libya. But the most shocking revelation concerning Benghazi is that our own President and Secretary of State watched on screen as it happened. It is known now that Ambassador Chris Stevens and three of our heroes could have been rescued if only Obama and Hillary Clinton had made the call to do so.

There is much speculation why Clinton and Obama did not intervene to save our men. There is talk of a botched kidnapping or a cover up surrounding what Clinton was doing in Libya. We know that our own government was involved in a cover up of great magnitude, and that Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State, was the ring leader in the crimes that occurred in Benghazi. She is blatantly responsible for the Benghazi tragedy, and she has the blood of those men on her hands.

I am sure we will find out more as time goes on, as two parents of the victims who died there are suing Clinton for the wrongful deaths of their children. I do not believe those parents will let Benghazi be swept under the rug. Now we are learning that cold hearted Clinton and her staff actually debated on how much outrage she should show while the Benghazi investigation was underway.

We as Americans will never forget the remarks Clinton has actually made on Benghazi when referring to dead Americans:
“What difference does it make”? and,
“We did not lose a man in Libya”.
Those remarks have been played in America’s head over and over again…yet we are not desensitized as human beings. The one person who truly knows what happened at Benghazi who has no sensitivity is Hillary Clinton. The hearts of Americans will never cease in bleeding for those lost at Benghazi, but the heart of Hillary Clinton is cold and without humanity. That is one fact we as a Country know beyond a shadow of a doubt, and we mourn for what was and will never be again.

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As Hillary Clinton prepared to testify to the House Select Committee on Benghazi in October 2015, her communications and legal teams debated how much “outrage” she should display for lawmakers in her opening statement.

In emails published by Wikileaks Monday, a draft of Mrs. Clinton’s opening remarks to the committee included a line from her book “Hard Choices” in 2014: “I will not be a part of a political slugfest on the backs of dead Americans.”

Clinton campaign adviser Mandy Grunwald liked that line because, she said, “we need a bit of moral outrage.”



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