Clinton’s State Department Waste and Mismanagement: $5.4 Million for a No-Bid Contract for Crystal Stemware Among Shocking Expenditures

So I’ve noticed how the media never wants to talk about what a disaster Hillary Clinton was as Secretary of State. Always when someone brings up that fact that she was just the President’s wife, some talking head likes to say that she was the Secretary of State in her own right. The talking head never mentions the many disasters of her tenure as Secretary. Well, here are some examples of how “her” state department mishandled money while she was Secretary of State:

$5.4 million for a no-bid contract for crystal stemware.

$630,000 to increase Facebook likes for the State Department.

$79,000 to get copies of President Obama’s book.

Clinton’s State Department spent $5.4 million on ‘crystal stemware’

While wasteful spending is a familiar find at most federal agencies, Clinton presided over particularly expensive unsuccessful reconstruction efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Her agency spent more than $600 million on failed projects in those two countries alone, according to the RNC memo.

The projects included a $3.6 million fleet of “unused broadcast TV trucks” in Afghanistan and $167.5 million on “preventable cost overruns while expanding embassy Kabul.”

A reminder about the 6 billion dollars that went missing under Hillary’s watch:

$6 Bil Vanishes From State Dept. Under Hillary Clinton

n a mind-boggling example of how the government blows—or perhaps steals—our tax dollars, billions vanished from the U.S. State Department mostly while Hillary Clinton ran it, according to a new alert issued by the agency’s inspector general.

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Could the former Secretary of State be using the cash to fund an upcoming presidential campaign? In all, $6 billion are missing and it’s highly unlikely any of the money will ever be recovered. The cash was supposed to be used to pay contractors but it just disappeared and documents that could help track the dough cannot be located. How convenient! The paper trail, which federal law says must be maintained in the case of government contracts, has been destroyed or was never created to begin with.


According to Hillary Clinton’s long-delayed Benghazigate testimony, the State Department just did not have enough money to provide security for a mission in one of the most dangerous places in the world.

It did however have 16 million dollars to spend on 2,500 kindle book readers at the drastically inflated price of $6,600 per device.

How much security could that 16 million buy?

It had $79,000 to spend on Obama’s books and $20,000 on a portrait of Obama. The US Embassy had $150,000 to spend on a book about the ambassador’s residence. The US Embassy in Austria had $150,000+ for a Chevy Volt and its charging station.

Oh and here’s one from 2013 on that 5.4 million dollar custom crystal stemware…

State Department finalized a $ 5million order for custom crystal wine glasses for American embassies just hours before the government shutdown

A $5 million order for custom crystal glasses and bar accessories was placed for American embassies on the day before the government shutdown.

The State Department finalized the order for custom stemware on September 30, just hours before nearly one million federal workers were put on unpaid leave as a result of the on-going budget dispute in Congress.




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